Integrated ITS SmartWay Systems

TDOT has four fully-integrated Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), known as TDOT SmartWay, located in Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville. The cities are the largest metropolitan areas and include the most heavily traveled highways in the state.

The TDOT SmartWay system is managed through four Transportation Management Centers (TMC) with a total of 551 cameras, 183 message signs, 1107 roadway detection systems and 49 video detection systems. Each TMC serves as a focal point for traffic management operations and communications. The equipment and resources used to support the SmartWay system help improve safety and mobility on Tennessee's busiest roadways.

  • Camera Video Surveillance monitors congested freeways and provide improved incident management capabilities.
  • Radar Detection System are devices used to monitor traffic flow help calculate travel times for routes.
  • Video Detection System are video devices used to monitor traffic flow and calculate travel times for routes.
  • Roadway Traffic Sensors report traffic counts, speed and travel time.
  • Dynamic Message Signs are mounted over interstate travel lanes providing traffic and construction information to motorists, as well as other key messages about driving.

The TMCs are also the communication hub for the HELP Program. HELP truck operators respond to roadway incidents through dispatch or routine patrol, and help reduce congestion by removing minor incidents in a timely fashion in the four urban areas.

For specific information on TDOT SmartWay in your area, please select your city/region from the ITS menu on this page.

Public Access

The general public can access TDOT SmartWay system information by phone or internet.

From your desktop or mobile device, get the latest highway incidents, construction activities, and traffic information with real-time, live-streaming SmartWay traffic cameras at

Motorists can also dial 511 from any land-line or cellular phone for travel conditions. The voice-activated system provides up-to-date SmartWay traffic information, as well as weather information from the National Weather Service.

Drivers are reminded to use all motorist information tools wisely and Know Before You Go! by checking travel conditions beforeleaving for your destination.  Drivers should never tweet, text or talk on a cell phone while behind the wheel.