Swipe and Ride

What is it?

Swipe and Ride is a program that allows state employees who work in Nashville or Memphis to ride public transportation for free.

How does it work?

        Step 1. Fill out an application for your Swipe and Ride card

        Step 2. Find your nearest public transportation on Google Maps or the Transit App

        Step 3. Swipe and Ride to your destination for free

For common questions about program operations, please check out our FAQ's page.

Infographic showing how to use Swipe & Ride in Nashville
Infographic showing how to use Swipe & Ride in Memphis

Nashville program:

Ride anytime, for any reason. Valid for all rides on WeGo local buses, WeGo regional express buses, the WeGo Star train and Access Ride for persons with disabilities. If you live in Antioch, check out the WeGo Link Uber pilot.

Plan your trip:  Use Google Maps or download the Transit App.

For information, contact WeGo Public Transit (formerly known as Nashville MTA) at (615) 862-5969 or visit www.wegotransit.com.

Emergency Ride Home Program. Please note: This process has changed.

All employees need to do the below instructions to get an Emergency Ride Home Voucher:   

1) Log in to tnridehome.com

2) Click on GRH Voucher Request

3) Read the guidelines and agreement, accept and submit

4) Print the Voucher

5) Call the cab company indicated on the voucher

6) When they arrive, Give them the voucher. No payment will be require from you.

More information is available at https://tnridehome.com/ you will find a short video explaining in detail the process to obtain a voucher.

Memphis program: 

Ride anytime, for any reason. Valid for all rides on MATA buses, the Downtown Trolley and MATAPlus for persons with disabilities.

Plan your trip: Use Google Maps or download the Transit App.

For more information, contact MATA at (901) 274-6282 or visit www.matatransit.com.

Be sure to register separately with Shelby County to participate in their Emergency Ride Home Program.

Get comfortable riding public transit:

Utilize WeGo’s Travel Training Program for hands-on practice using public transit. Call (615) 880-3597 to speak with a Transit Navigator.

V2 Rebrand - Get transit directions infographic_CL

Contactless card distribution process:

In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, the Swipe and Ride team has adopted a contactless card distribution process.

For state employees, external of TDOT, to successfully obtain your Swipe and Ride pass, please contact your Department’s Human Resources (HR) Swipe and Ride coordinator. The coordinators will continue to distribute transit passes to all state department employees.  For TDOT employees, please contact Swipe and Ride administrators by emailing Swipe.N.Ride@tn.gov.