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Smart Commute by Ridesharing

Car pooling


Share a ride and save! Carpooling with one or more person just a couple of times a week can significantly cut the cost of commuting. No major karaoke skills are required, but it does make it more fun! Sharing a ride can reduce stress, prolong the life of your car, and reduce the amount of vehicles sitting in traffic. So grab a co-worker and check out some of the carpooling options available to you right now.




Vanpooling is a convenient commuting alternative to driving alone to work.  Not only is it cost-effective, but it reduces your need for parking.  Vans hold up to 15 people with full insurance and maintenance to lessen your concerns.



Did you know that the average vanpool participant reports saving up to $3,000 or more a year on gas, car maintenance and wear and tear? Click here for more information about the benefits of ridesharing.


For resources in your area, please check out the links below.

  • Hytch Rewards: A commuter app program with cash rewards.
  • General Services Vanpool: State employee based program. For more information, contact John Lawrence at (615) 532-8923.