Taking public transit is less expensive, safer, and better for the environment, when compared to driving alone to work.  Using transit gives you more productive travel time for responding to emails, reading a book, or catching up on social media. 

Riding public transit for even two days per week can save you money on fuel, parking and car maintenance.  The more you ride, the more you save.  Relax, let someone else drive!

For resources in your area, please check out the links below.



Urban Transit Providers:


Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Programs:

  • Smart Trips: Knoxville’s commute options program will assit you in finding an alternative transportation method and reward you for logging your shared or active trips
Additional Transit Providers:

Urban Transit Providers:


Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Programs:

  • Nashville Connector: Nashville’s commute options program
  • Move VU:  Vanderbilt University's alternative transportation options program


Rural Middle Tennessee Transit Providers:



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Urban Transit Providers:

  • Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA): Public transit provider for the Memphis Area
  • MATA Trolley Lines: A fun way to get around in Memphis
  • MATAplus: Helping meet the transportation needs of people with disabilities
  • 901RideChoice: Free phone service for older adults and people living with a disability who need local, reliable transportation options to get to their destinations
  • Downtown Memphis Groove On-Demand: Personalized, on-demand rides within Downtown Memphis for only $1.25. Available Monday through Friday 7am-9pm. Download the app and sign-up to book a ride.
  • Back-Up Plan: Memphis Medical District shares local back-up transportation opportunities
  • Jackson Transit Authority: Transit service in Jackson


Transportation Demand Management Programs:

  • Commute Options: Memphis’ commuter program that will identify specific options to help you reach your desired destination


Rural West Tennessee Transit Providers: