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Smart Commute


Welcome to TDOT's Smart Commute Page!

The Smart Commute program provides resources to support alternative mobility options in Tennessee. Some of your options include ridesharing, walking, biking, riding the bus or even working a flex schedule. By choosing the Smart Commute, you'll be improving air quality, saving money and reducing congestion. Let Smart Commute get where you want to go!

Find the commuter resource agency that serves your area:

•             Nashville MTA (Nashville)

•             Nashville Connector (Nashville)

•             TMA Group (Middle TN)

•             RTA  (Middle TN)

•             Memphis Area Rideshare (Memphis)

•             Commute Options (Memphis)

•             Smart Trips (Knoxville)

•             Green Trips (Chattanooga)

•            Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA)

•            Chattanooga Area Regional Transportation Authority

•           Knoxville Transit


TDM Organizations







For more information, please contact Brianna Benson, Air Quality Office Supervisor, by phone at (615) 532-8589 or by email at
  For questions about commuting in Tennessee reach out to

For more information about the weather and travel conditions.