Swipe and Ride FAQ's

Employees should contact their Department’s Human Resources (HR) Swipe & Ride contact for an application or download the application online. All applications must go through HR in order to be processed by TDOT.

For more information on Swipe & Ride program operations, please review the procedures and policies document.

The employee transit card is available to all full-time and 120-day appointment state employees and interns who work in Davidson or Shelby County.  

The following employees are not eligible for the program:

  • Temporary or seasonal employees and co-ops
  • Contract employees (individuals hired by an outside agency to provide services to state agencies including temporary employees, janitorial personnel, consultants, security personnel, etc.)
  • Employees of the Board of Regents and/or Universities

In Memphis, all transit services offered through MATA are eligible. This includes the regularly scheduled bus routes, trolleys and MATAPlus service for those who qualify.

In Nashville, all transit services offered through WeGo (formerly known as Nashville MTA) are eligible. This includes the regularly scheduled bus routes, BRT routes, and AccessRide for those who qualify.  Additionally, the WeGo Star commuter train is included, as well as regional charter buses (formerly known as RTA Relax and Ride) between Murfreesboro and Nashville, Gallatin and Nashville, and Spring Hill and Nashville. Please see the WeGo (formerly RTA) website for details on routes.

All card specific inquiries should be submitted to the Swipe.N.Ride@tn.gov email address. Program related inquiries should be submitted to TN.SmartCommute@tn.gov.  

Services are only available for the routes currently on the transit schedules.

Yes. For riders with disabilities, WeGo AccessRide and MATA MATAPlus offer door-to-door services for those who qualify. The services are covered under the Swipe & Ride program, but employees must apply to the transit agencies directly (see web links above) to determine if you qualify for this service. If accepted, you will need to apply for a Swipe & Ride card separately through your HR contact.

This information can be found on the excel version of the Nashville & Memphis applications. Select your department from the dropdown menu and the HR Coordinator(s) name and email address will autopopulate.


Feel free to email Swipe.N.Ride@tn.gov if you have any questions.

Typical turnaround is 2-3 weeks after submission of a complete application, unless unprecedented interruptions occur.

Someone from our office will mail out WeGo & MATA cards to each division on a weekly basis. You may also pick up your card at the Polk Building (505 Deaderick St., 9th Floor, follow signs for Swipe & Ride).

If you are leaving state government, please return the transit card to the Swipe & Ride contact in your agency's HR Coordinator.

HR Coordinators, any time an employee leaves state service, please email Swipe.N.Ride@tn.gov.


In an effort to save time, money, and unnecessary plastic waste, we have changed our transfer process. If you are transferring to another State Department, please let your HR Coordinator know (new or old). You may keep your current transit card and continue using it.

HR Coordinators, please email Swipe.N.Ride@tn.gov to update us of the employee's new department, office phone number, supervisor, supervisor phone number, and any relevant personal contact information updates (if necessary). If their card is due to expire soon, they may apply for a renewal.

Employees are encouraged to utilize their Swipe and Ride card for any trips, at any time. We are no longer limiting the purpose of trips nor the number of rides per month.  

In the event an employee’s card is lost, stolen or damaged, the employee must immediately request cancellation of the card to their HR office or the TDOT Program Administrator at Swipe.N.Ride@tn.gov . The employee must also fill out a new application indicating that they require a replacement and provide the following replacement card fee to their Human Resources Office Program Administrator who will send the application and fee to TDOT for processing.

  • For Memphis: An $8.00 replacement fee (check or money order only) made out to “Memphis Area Transit Authority.”
  • For Nashville: There is no fee for losing your card, however, contact your Human Resource Department to get your old card deactivated. If you lose your card more than once in a year, a $10.00 fee may apply. 

TDOT is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please contact the transit agency immediately to try to locate items through Lost & Found.

WeGo  Lost and Found 615-862-5950, option 6

MATA  Lost and Found items are collected from buses and trolleys at the end of service each day. Items are available for pickup after 10 a.m. of the next business day. The Lost and Found office is located inside of the William Hudson Transit Center located at 444 N. Main. It is open from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The office is closed on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call the Lost and Found office at (901) 523-8134.