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Field Operations

6601 Centennial Boulevard 
Nashville, TN 37243 0360
Phone: 615.350.4100 
Fax: 615.350.4128

The Field Operations section provides technical assistance and support on the manufacturing, construction, design, acceptance and testing of materials used in highway and bridge construction. The Field Operations Section works with other TDOT staff to develop statewide policies, procedures and specifications for materials acceptance and construction procedures. Pavement evaluations are conducted and are used during the pavement design process, and various other tests are conducted for project acceptance, research, system preservation, data collection and monitoring, and safety purposes.                                                                                                             

 Aggregate Information

·         TDOT Approved Surface Aggregates  (pdf)

·         TDOT Generic Aggregate QC Plan  (pdf)

 Asphalt (Bituminous) Information

·         Asphalt Job Mix Formula  (Excel) Updated June 2019

·         TDOT Plantbook (Excel) July 2019

·         Annual Asphalt Mix Plant Quality Control Plan (pdf)

·         2017 Asphalt Program Update Memo (pdf)

·         Sampling Asphalt Emulsions (pdf)

·        Certified AC/Emulsions Suppliers - link will take you to the Producer/Supplier list, search by Product to find AC                           Suppliers

·        Cold Weather Paving Plan/Seasonal Waver - link will take you to the Construction Standard Forms Page

 Asphalt - Best Practices

·         Asphalt Emulsions (pptx) June 2014

·         Milling (pdf) March 16, 2015

·         Tack Coat (pdf) March 16, 2015

·         OGFC  (pdf) May 2019

Concrete Cylinder Information

·         Concrete Cylinder Break Results

·         Concrete Cylinder Molds and Labeling (pdf)

Concrete - Best Practices

·         Hot Weather Concreting

·         Cold Weather Concreting

Concrete Mix Design Information

·         Concrete Mix Design Submittal Checklist

·         Concrete Mix Design Submittal and Approval Process Flowchart

·         Concrete Mix Design Template (Excel) July, 1, 2019

·         Concrete Design Contract Association Request Form (Excel) July 30, 2015

 Concrete Ready Mix Information

·         Concrete Producer Comment Form (PDF)

·         Concrete Truck Checklist

·         Certified Technician Form

·         Materials List

·         Batch Plant Process Control Plan

·         Placement Site Process Control Plan

·         Process Control Inspection Checklist (PDF) February 19, 2019

·         Concrete Plant Records Minimum Requirements

Concrete Precast and Prestressed Information

·         List of Approved Precast Suppliers

·         Precast/Prestressed Mix Design Template (Excel) July 1, 2019

·         Concrete Design Contract Association Request Form (Excel)

·         Precast Inspection Checklist (PDF) December 19, 2018