Materials & Pavement Engineering Section

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Materials & Pavement Engineering Section
(M&P) is a section consisting of over 80 engineers and technicians with
offices statewide.  It is responsible for
research, development, and implementation of TDOT's Big 3 Construction Materials (aggregate, asphalt, and concrete) specifications and procedures,
partnering with industry associations and producer/supplier approval and
quality assurance, providing engineering and testing support for delivery and
management of the state's 31,000 lane-miles of pavement, and providing technical materials assistance to the delivery and maintenance of transportation projects statewide. 


The section consists of 6 teams:

Materials Control Team is responsible for the Quality Assurance Program for TDOT’s Big Three Construction Materials, delivering the training program for TDOT’s Materials Technician Certification Program, and partnering with industry, researchers and TDOT Divisions to improve the Materials Acceptance Program.

Pavement Engineering Team is responsible for providing pavement engineering for TDOT’s Pavements Program and Project Team via: statewide pavement testing, treatment selection forecasting, and project level pavement engineering.

The 4 Field Services teams located at each TDOT Region respectively, are responsible for delivery of the Materials and Tests program and ensuring required testing and materials certifications are completed for construction projects, as well as specialized testing, independent assurance, and sampling of local producers.

Additionally, M&T is the home of the State Bituminous Engineer and the State Concrete & Aggregate Engineer.  These individuals serve as the Department’s resident experts in their respective area for specifications, technology, construction techniques, etc.

Aggregate Information

Asphalt Information

 Asphalt (Bituminous) Information

Asphalt Mixture Verification Form  (Excel)  April 20, 2023

 Asphalt Job Mix Formula  (Excel) Updated April 8, 2024

Microsurface JMF (Excel) April 2024

 TDOT Plantbook (Excel) December 2019 Update

Annual Asphalt Mix Plant Quality Control Plan (pdf)

2017 Asphalt Program Update Memo (pdf)

Sampling Asphalt Emulsions (pdf)

Certified AC/Emulsions Suppliers - link will take you to the Producer/Supplier list, search by Product to find AC Suppliers

Cold Weather Paving Plan/Seasonal Waver - link will take you to the Construction Standard Forms Page

 Weekly Intelligent Compaction QC Report    Daily IC Report Examples

 Approved Material Transfer Device (MTD) List  January 7, 2022

Asphalt - Best Practices

Asphalt Emulsions (pptx) June 2014

Milling (pdf) March 16, 2015

Tack Coat (pdf) March 16, 2015

OGFC  (pdf) May 2019