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Material Category Description Work Group Revision Date
AASHTOWarew Project  Training Training Website All  
DWR App Guides      
  Aggregate Density Samples Operations  
  Aggregate Plant Samples Operations  
  Asphalt Density Samples Operations  
  Asphalt Plant Samples Operations  
  Binder/Emulsion Sample Operations  
  Concrete Field Test and Cylinder Samples
Operations 02/03/23
  LIMS Operations  
  Operations Field Inspector Aggregate Testing Operations 12/06/16
  Operations Office Staff Records of Aggregates Used Operations 12/06/16
  Regional Materials and Tests Aggregate Testing Regional M&T 03/09/18
  Viewing Aggregate Quality Test Results All 04/12/17
  Quality Sample for New or Inactive Quarry All 10/16/17
  Contract Proctor Samples All 04/02/18
  Asphalt Cement Verification Sampling Operations 04/12/17
  Asphalt Mix Contractor Lab Testing Operations 04/26/17
  Asphalt Mix Field Testing Operations 12/15/17
  Emulsion Verification Sampling Operations 07/10/18
  IA Inspector Asphalt Mix Field Testing Regional M&T 05/29/18
Mix Designs      
  Viewing PS and Component Materials for Mix Designs Operations/M&T 03/13/17
  Marshall Mix Import and Approval Process M&T 03/13/17
  Linking Asphalt Mix Design to a Contract Regional M&T 04/19/17
  PCC Mix Import and Approval Process HQ M&T 08/05/15
  Concrete Field Testing Operations 12/05/22
  28-Day Cylinders Procedure for Regional Operations Staff Operations 02/03/23
  28-Day Cylinders Procedure for Regional M&T Staff Regional M&T 12/28/15
  HQ 28 Day Acceptance cylinder procedure HQ M&T 05/26/15
  Bridge Deck Chloride Determination Sample Bridge Inspection 04/03/17
  Pre-Cast Cast In Place Operations 05/05/17
  IA Inspector Concrete Field Testing Regional M&T 05/11/18
  Prestressed Concrete Regional M&T 08/25/17
  Identify Prestressed 7 Wire Strand Regional M&T 12/22/15
  Linking Precast Deck Panels to Contract Items
Regional M&T 01/09/19
  T2 Certification Instructions Operations 02/16/17
  Pavement Marking Procedures Operations 09/13/16
  Samples of Corrugated Metal Pipe HQ M&T 05/24/17
  Reporting Corrugated Metal Pipe Regional M&T 06/08/18
  Excavation (Embankment) Acceptance Testing All 09/07/17
  Excavation (Embankment) Proctor Sampling All 11/06/17
  Fence Sampling Procedure Operations 03/25/21
  Contract Approval of TYPE IV Geotextiles Operations 02/21/19
  Verification Samples from Concrete and Asphalt Plants Regional M&T 05/15/17
  Additional info for Verification Samples of Steel Bar Regional M&T 03/03/16
Material Category Description
Work Group Revision Date
Contract Set-Up      
  Change Order Process Operations/M&T 04/27/17
  Outstanding Item Report Regional M&T 01/27/17
  Contract Activation and Generating Materials Regional M&T 04/15/16
  Sample and Test Requirements for Change Orders Items Operations/M&T 10/07/15
  Contract Finalization Operations/M&T 04/07/17
BOE Reports      
  This is BOE
All 02/15/17
  BOE SM Matls and Tests Folder Details Operations/M&T 04/24/17
  PCC designs and linked contracts All 04/05/17
  Calibrated Equipment M&T 01/17/18
  User Request Form All 06/08/17
  Changing and Voiding Incorrect Sample Records All 08/14/23
  Correcting Completed Sample All 08/14/23
  Using the Find Samples Window All 01/21/16
  Viewing materials and tests linked to a contract item All 07/24/17
  Viewing Test Results in the Maintain Sample Info window All 02/15/17
  Small Quantity Items All 08/16/18
  Sort or Filter by Contract All 06/22/16
  Verify Products from a QPL Supplier are Approved All 10/31/16
  Using the Review Tests and Review Sample Windows Filter All 02/07/19
  Using the View Only Sample Information Window All 02/03/16
  Troubleshooting Issues with Samples/Tests All 06/12/18