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Material Category Description Work Group Revision Date
DWR App Guides      
  Aggregate Density Samples Operations  
  Aggregate Plant Samples Operations  
  Asphalt Density Samples Operations  
  Asphalt Plant Samples Operations  
  Binder/Emulsion Sample Operations  
  Concrete Field Test and Cylinder Samples
Operations 12/05/22
  LIMS Operations  
  Operations Field Inspector Aggregate Testing Operations 12/06/16
  Operations Office Staff Records of Aggregates Used Operations 12/06/16
  Regional Materials and Tests Aggregate Testing Regional M&T 03/09/18
  Viewing Aggregate Quality Test Results All 04/12/17
  Quality Sample for New or Inactive Quarry All 10/16/17
  Contract Proctor Samples All 04/02/18
  Asphalt Cement Verification Sampling Operations 04/12/17
  Asphalt Mix Contractor Lab Testing Operations 04/26/17
  Asphalt Mix Field Testing Operations 12/15/17
  Emulsion Verification Sampling Operations 07/10/18
  IA Inspector Asphalt Mix Field Testing Regional M&T 05/29/18
Mix Designs      
  Viewing PS and Component Materials for Mix Designs Operations/M&T 03/13/17
  Marshall Mix Import and Approval Process M&T 03/13/17
  Linking Asphalt Mix Design to a Contract Regional M&T 04/19/17
  PCC Mix Import and Approval Process HQ M&T 08/05/15
  Concrete Field Testing Operations 12/05/22
  28-Day Cylinders Procedure for Regional Operations Staff Operations 12/05/22
  28-Day Cylinders Procedure for Regional M&T Staff Regional M&T 12/28/15
  HQ 28 Day Acceptance cylinder procedure HQ M&T 05/26/15
  Bridge Deck Chloride Determination Sample Bridge Inspection 04/03/17
  Pre-Cast Cast In Place Operations 05/05/17
  IA Inspector Concrete Field Testing Regional M&T 05/11/18
  Prestressed Concrete Regional M&T 08/25/17
  Identify Prestressed 7 Wire Strand Regional M&T 12/22/15
  Linking Precast Deck Panels to Contract Items
Regional M&T 01/09/19
  T2 Certification Instructions Operations 02/16/17
  Pavement Marking Procedures Operations 09/13/16
  Samples of Corrugated Metal Pipe HQ M&T 05/24/17
  Reporting Corrugated Metal Pipe Regional M&T 06/08/18
  Excavation (Embankment) Acceptance Testing All 09/07/17
  Excavation (Embankment) Proctor Sampling All 11/06/17
  Fence Sampling Procedure Operations 03/25/21
  Contract Approval of TYPE IV Geotextiles Operations 02/21/19
  Verification Samples from Concrete and Asphalt Plants Regional M&T 05/15/17
  Additional info for Verification Samples of Steel Bar Regional M&T 03/03/16
Material Category Description
Work Group Revision Date
Contract Set-Up      
  Change Order Process Operations/M&T 04/27/17
  Outstanding Item Report Regional M&T 01/27/17
  Contract Activation and Generating Materials Regional M&T 04/15/16
  Sample and Test Requirements for Change Orders Items Operations/M&T 10/07/15
  Contract Finalization Operations/M&T 04/07/17
BOE Reports      
  This is BOE
All 02/15/17
  BOE SM Matls and Tests Folder Details Operations/M&T 04/24/17
  PCC designs and linked contracts All 04/05/17
  Calibrated Equipment M&T 01/17/18
  User Request Form All 06/08/17
  Changing and Voiding Incorrect Sample Records All 02/16/17
  Correcting Completed Sample All 08/05/15
  Using the Find Samples Window All 01/21/16
  Viewing materials and tests linked to a contract item All 07/24/17
  Viewing Test Results in the Maintain Sample Info window All 02/15/17
  Small Quantity Items All 08/16/18
  Sort or Filter by Contract All 06/22/16
  Verify Products from a QPL Supplier are Approved All 10/31/16
  Using the Review Tests and Review Sample Windows Filter All 02/07/19
  Using the View Only Sample Information Window All 02/03/16
  Troubleshooting Issues with Samples/Tests All 06/12/18