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OS/OW Permit FAQs

All frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Oversize/Overweight permits have been organized into five categories: Annual Permits, Single Trip Permits, Route Survey, Permit-Related (general permit processing), and Contracts (state contracts with escrow).

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Yes! As of January 1, 2017, all Annual Permit prices have changed and are now Truck Specific.

Each permit now requires every truck to have its own permit. Each permit will have a VIN number assigned to it. A single permit is not permissible for multiple trucks.

Yes! The legislative changes effective January 1, 2017, were emailed and posted to the OS/OW Permit Office website. (See Archives in the menu options on the left side of this page.)

According to Tennessee Law, a vehicle or combination of vehicle and load requires a permit if any of the following dimensions are exceeded:

  • Width: 8 feet and 6 inches
  • Height: 13 feet and 6 inches
  • Length:
    • 50 feet for truck tractor + semi-trailer combination
  • Overhang: 60 inches or 5 feet (total for both front and rear)
  • Weight:
    • 20,000 lbs for single axle
    • 34,000 lbs for tandem group
    • 80,000 lbs or greater total gross weight vehicle

A permit is required if the vehicle or combination of vehicles and loads is overweight, over-width, over-length, or over-height. Commodity being hauled must be loaded so that the vehicle or vehicle and load combination presents the least dimension and exposure to the motoring public.

Annual Permits may be amended one time only.

You will need to return the original permit, with golden seal on it, to the TDOT OS/OW Permit Office, 505 Deaderick Street, Suite 800, Nashville, TN 37243.

Indicate the new permit's VIN number. Doublecheck to ensure accuracy, as only one (1) free amendment is allowed for a VIN change.

Once the original permit has been received, a new permit will be issued indicating the new VIN number.

Load Descriptions give details of what you will be hauling with your Annual Permit.

Load Descriptions should NOT be too broad (i.e. “Heavy Equipment” or “One Divisible Load”).

Good examples of Load Descriptions include Construction Equipment, Industrial Machinery, Industrial Plant Equipment, Steel Rebar, Steel Beams, Storage Buildings, etc.

Single Trip Permits can be amended up to eight (8) hours after the permit is issued. (See Permit Amendments by selecting OS/OW Permits in the menu options on the left side of this page.)

Single Trip Permits will only be approved up to three (3) days prior to the permit’s start date.

Example: If a permit has a start date of December 4, it may be approved on December 1. (Holiday exceptions may occur.)

This policy helps reduce voids and amendment issues. Remember: Single Trip Permits can only be voided up to four (4) days after the start/effective date and can only be amended within the first 8 hours after approval.

Excessive Width Fee:
   8’7” to 14’ $20.00
   14’1” to 16’: $30.00
   16’1” and up: $30.00 plus $5.00 for each additional foot or fraction over 16’

Excessive Length Fee: $20.00 Excessive Height Fee: $20.00
Excessive Weight Fee: $20.00 plus $0.06 per ton mile over 80,000 lbs.

Towing vehicles (in accordance with Rule 1680-07-01-.19):
    1. Excess weight up to 165,000 pounds: $20.00 plus six cents ($.06) per ton mile.
    2. Excess weight over 165,000 pounds: Twelve cents ($.12) per ton mile.

Bridge and Similar Structures
    1. Movements weighing over 165,000 pounds but not more than 250,000 pounds: $100.
    2. Movements weighing over 250,000 pounds but not more than 500,000 pounds: $300.
    3. Movements weighing over 500,000 pounds: Actual cost.

Single Trip Permits processed through the TDOT Permit Office may take three (3) to ten (10) business days. This timeframe depends on if the permit can be auto issued or if it has to be reviewed by a permit agent.

The parameters for an auto issue permit are:
                    Width 16 ‘or under
                    Height 15’ 6” or under
                    Weight 165k or under

These restrictions are also under the terms that the permit uses a predetermined route.

Loads that are only over dimensional may take three (3) to five (5) days to process; and any load that has weight may take seven (7) to ten (10) business days to process.
If the load is over fifteen (15) feet in height it will require a route survey, and if the load is over sixteen (16) feet wide it will require a letter of necessity/shippers letter.

Lastly, all applications must be submitted with a Certificate of Liability Insurance that names TDOT as a certificate holder.

A Single Trip Permit is valid for 10 calendar days.

No, you are not allowed to obtain any extensions on a Single Trip Permit.

Tennessee vehicle registration laws and regulations require that any motor vehicle traveling on Tennessee roadways must be registered and tagged. You are therefore required to obtain a Temporary Operational Permit to travel in Tennessee, even if your original state does not require issuance of tags for your vehicle.

Contact International Registration Plan (IRP) in Tennessee to register and obtain a Temporary Operational Permit. When applying for an OS/OW permit, utilize the Temporary Operational Permit number in place of the vehicle tag number during the application process. Failure to provide a tag number or Temporary Operational Permit number will result in the denial of your OS/OW permit application.

(See IRP contact information by selecting Contacts in the menu options on the left side of this page.)

If a load has any of the following, it is considered a Super Load:
• Gross Weight exceeding 165k
• Exceed 16’ in width
• Exceed 15’6” in height

THP Escorts are required when loads are:

• 18’ wide on interstate or federal-air highway
• 18’ in height on any highway
• Complexity of load or route

THP will conduct at least a Level 2 North American Standard inspection before escorting the load.

Loads that require THP escort will take a minimum of 10 days to process

THP estimated costs will be about $60/hour and requires at least 2-3 THP escorts

Route Survey will be voided after 30 calendar days from THP receiving documentation.


            10’ and under                                                             No Escort Required

            10’1”- 12’6”                                                                   Front Escort on 2 Lane Routes <24’ wide

            12’7” – 14’                                                                     Front Escort on 2 Lane Routes
                                                                                                   Rear Escort on Interstate & 4 Lane Routes City                                                                                                     Limit Travel Restrictions

            13’6” - up                                                                      Front Escort Required Rear Escort Required
                                                                                                   City Limit Travel Restrictions

            15’1” – UP                                                                     Front Escort with Height Pole


            75’1” – 90’                                                                     Light on Rear Required

            90’1” – 120’                                                                   Rear Escort Required
                                                                                                   City Limit Travel Restrictions

            120’ – up                                                                      Front and Rear Escorts Required


The following forms of payment are accepted for OS/OW permits.

  • Company Check
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Money Order
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)*
  • Escrow Accounts


This is handled on a case-by-case basis for both Single Trip and Annual Permits.

For Single Trip Permits, generally, a new permit will need to be ordered with the new truck’s information. The permit fees for the new application may be waived in some cases.

For Annual Permits, a permit, when approved for amendment, will need to be re-issued with new VIN number.

For all TNTRIPS issues such as a password issue or a system error message please contact the TDOT Permit Office at 615-253-9907; Monday through Friday (except holidays) 8:00am to 4:30pm CST.

For all other Overweight & Oversized Permit related support issues please continue to contact us at or at (615)741-3821; Monday through Friday (except holidays) 8:00am to 4:30pm CST.

Tennessee over-length law uses kingpin to determine if the vehicle is over length. Some carriers get kingpin and bridge law mixed up. Where bridge law is the distance from the kingpin to center of single axle or center of tandem, the over-length kingpin is measured from the kingpin to the rear of the trailer or overhang. If the kingpin is over 50 feet, the vehicle or load is over length and needs a permit. See TCA code 55-7-201-c for more details


Restrictions are on each permit. The restrictions are permit specific depending on each load. Please review your issued permit for more detail.

  • You are only able to supplement an Annual Permit’s dimensions, not weight.

  • Weight is only supplement if it is under the limit of your Annual Permit.

  • Annual Permits can be used to supplement your Single Trip Permit for dimensions only.

  • If you exceed dimensions within your annual permit, you will be required to purchase a single-trip permit for the entire load.

    • When a trailer width does not exceed 10 feet. Then that trailers Single Axle cannot exceed 23k.

    • When a trailer width does exceed 10 feet, then that trailers Single Axle cannot exceed 20k.

Fixed Loads:

    • Tennessee only allows fixed loads to travel under their own power for weight less than 150k.

    • Gross Weight of 120k-150k with maximum axle weight of 24k

TDOT SmartWay is the state's Intelligent Transportation System. It uses live-streaming cameras to monitor state highways, sensors to gauge traffic flow, and eletronic message boards to provide urgent traffic notices and safety messages for drivers.

TDOT SmartWay helps you Know Before You Go, so you can plan a safe and efficient route for your permitted OS/OW movements.

From your desktop or mobile device, get the latest on highway incidents, construction activities, and traffic information with real-time, live-streaming SmartWay traffic cameras at

Motorists can also dial 511 from any landline or cellular phone for travel conditions. The voice-activated system provides up-to-date SmartWay traffic information, as well as weather information from the National Weather Service.

Rush Hour County Curfew
No OS/OW movement requiring escorts of any kind on interstate systems of highways, Monday-Friday 7:00am-9:00am and 4:00pm-6:00pm in Davidson, Rutherford, Hamilton, Knox, and Shelby counties; regardless if carrier is operating on a single trip or annual permit.

Operating Hours
For permits are 24/7 movement unless the load is classified as a Houseboat, Mobile Home, Site Built Home, Commercial Boat, or Super Load. A load is considered a Super Load if it has any of the following …
• Gross Weight exceeding 165k
• Exceed 16’ in width
• Exceed 15’6” in height

Please review your permit for restriction information. Additionally, County Curfew restriction also applies.

A permit fee will not be refunded or credited after the permit has been issued, unless such refund is necessary to correct an error made by OS/OW Permit Office.

The ton mile portion of the fee will be refunded or credited if another permit is issued in place of the cancelled permit for the same movement.

• Submit the letter of which you received upon changing your company name or FEIN # from the government.

• Once we receive your letter of change, we will update your information in TNTRIPS database.

For a complete list of FAQs, download the OS/OW Permit FAQs document below.  

Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)