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OS/OW Contacts

TDOT OS/OW Permit Office

Henry Bayiye
TDOT Permits Manager
Escrow, Legislative, Void Request 615.253.1598
Paul Escue
TDOT Permits Supervisor
Super Load, Route Survey, THP Moves, Restrictions
Olga Kostromitina
TDOT Permits Specialist
Single Trips, Super Load, Route Survey 615.741.4803

Regina Kent

TDOT Permits Specialist  

Mel Miller
Insurance Updates, New Account Setup
Adam Jaeckel
TDOT Permits Specialist
Annual Permits, Single Trips, Amendments, House Movements



TDOT Regional Offices

Candis Estepp
Region 1 Administrative Services 865.594.2400
Katrina Griffin Region 2 Administrative Services 423.634.2461
Eric Atkinson Region 3 Administrative Services 615.350.0360
Debbie Newsom Region 4 Administrative Services 731.935.0182

Permit Agencies

The following is not a comprehensive list of agencies, nor is it reflective of any endorsement of any particular permit agency. If your permit agency is not listed you may request to be added by emailing

A - 1 Over the Road Permits, Inc.
(573) 659-4860
Fleet One Permit Service
(800) 738-7587
Quick Permits, LLC
(573) 584-8619
ATS Specialized, Inc.
(800) 328-2316
Gator Permits, LLC
(239) 939-3135
State Permits
(800) 331-4805
Axys Permits, Inc. 
(866) 356-2997
GPS Trucking Permits, LLC
(937) 547-9238
T-Chek Systems, Inc.
(877) 237-2435
Benchmark Permits
(800) 777-3545
Highway Permits Co, LLC
(888) 731-0312
Tel-Trans Permit Service
(800) 428-5421
Bennett Motors Express, LLC
(800) 866-5500
Interstate Permits
(800) 343-4889
The Permit Company
(888) 331-0601
Best Permit Agency
(888) 441-2378
JJ Keller & Associates, Inc.
(800) 231-5266
Trans Mid-America, Inc.
(800) 228-7577
Central Permits, LLC
(320) 693-3292
Jet Permits
(800) 788-0603
Transport Logistics, Inc.
(414) 761-2854
Coast 2 Coast Permits
(865) 963-0830
Maryland Permit Service
(410) 561-1901
Transport Permits
(800) 373-9033
(800) 749-7166
Nationwide Express Services, Inc.
VitalChek Network
(888) 386-4236
Customer Permit Service
(800) 669-5014
Nova Permits & Pilot Cars
(800) 567-7775
WCS (West Coast Services, LLC)
(888) 737-6483
DS Permits
(570) 541-1825
On The Move Permits
(727) 942-2006
West Chester Permit
(800) 734-3544
Presto Permits
(215) 393-8678
Permit America
(866) 573-7648

Forest Ridge Transport Services

(717) 687-0109


Pilot Car and Tow Truck Companies

The following is not a comprehensive list of companies, nor is it reflective of any endorsement of any particular companies. If your company is not listed you may request it be added by emailing

Pilot Car List (PDF)

Tow Truck  List (PDF)

Other Contacts

TDOT IT Service Desk

State of Tennessee Information Operator

Tennessee Department of Safety (THP)

Tennessee Department of Revenue - Office of Motor Carrier
615- 399-4265

            International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)
            (TOLL FREE)888-428-9025

            International Registration Plan (IRP)
            (TOLL FREE)888-826-3151

U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT)
Info (FMCSA) 800-832-5660
Customer Service 202-366-4000

Beautification & Sign Permits


Hazardous Materials

Temporary Operating Permit

Water Quality Permits

Surrounding States

The links below are provided by TDOT Central Services Division, Oversize & Overweight Permit Office to assist carriers in contacting the appropriate agency to obtain proper documentation from surrounding states for traveling with Oversize/Overweight loads. TDOT is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided on the websites listed below.

Alabama - Alabama Department of Transportation, Vehicle Enforcement Office

Arkansas - Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, Permit Office

Georgia - Georgia Department of Public Safety, Oversize Permit Unit*

Kentucky - Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Division of Motor Carriers, OW/OD Section

Mississippi - Mississippi Department of Transportation, Office of Law Enforcement

Missouri - Missouri Department of Transportation, Motor Carrier Services

North Carolina - North Carolina Department of Transportation, Oversize/Overweight Trucking Permits

Virginia - Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles