Technology & Innovation

The Technology and Innovation Division was created in September 2019 as a concentration point for the many ways technology can be used to perform and enhance TBI's public safety mission.


Assistiant Director
Richard Littlehale

(615) 744-4000

ISU is the TBI’s information technology hub, with responsibility for running TBI’s data center and business technology, managing critical communications, and facilitating the creation, deployment and maintenance of systems for all of the Bureau’s components and many external customers. ISU makes sure that TBI personnel can work effectively whenever and wherever their duties require.

CIU compiles, analyzes, and shares statewide criminal intelligence, with a special emphasis on organized crime, fugitives, gang activity, and missing children.

Among several responsibilities, the employees assigned to this unit manage Tennessee’s Fusion Center, the state’s AMBER Alert program, the Tennessee Sex Offender Registry, and the TBI’s Most Wanted Program.

TSU conducts specialized technical investigations and enhances the investigations of others through advanced capabilities. TSU agents conduct proactive investigations into a range of online harms, including internet crimes against children, threats to life communicated online, cyber-enabled fraud, and computer intrusions. TSU is also tasked with deploying and gathering evidence from advanced technologies in support of TBI Special Agents and the Tennessee law enforcement community, including digital forensic analysis and communications and geolocation evidence-gathering. TSU agents also support operations with mobile command, specialty vehicles, and radio communications assistance. In addition, TSU agents are also in charge of TBI's Electronics Detection K9.