Administrative Services Division

Providing professionalism, customer service, and excellence in law enforcement and Bureau support.

Richard Moore

Assistant Director
Richard Moore

The Administrative Services Division is responsible for providing technical and administrative support to all areas of the Bureau. This includes Public Information, Human Resources, Auditing, Fleet/Procurement, Fiscal Services, Accreditation, Protective Services, and Professional Standards.

The offices of Internal Audit, Accreditation, Legal, and Public Information report directly to the Director of the Bureau. The Aviation Unit is under the direct supervision of the Deputy Director. Other areas of the Administrative Division, such as Human Resources, Fiscal Services, Protective Services, Fleet/Procurement, and the office of the Executive Officer are supervised by the Assistant Director of Administrative Services.

The mission of the Internal Audit Office is to provide independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the Bureau’s operations. It helps the TBI accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

The scope of work of the internal audit office is to help ensure:

  • Risks are appropriately identified and managed.
  • Significant financial, managerial, and operational information is accurate, reliable, and timely.
  • Employees’ actions comply with policies, standards, procedures, and applicable laws and regulations.
  • Resources are acquired economically, used efficiently, and adequately protected.
  • Programs, plans, and objectives are achieved.
  • Quality and continuous improvement are fostered in the organization’s control process.
  • Significant legislative or regulatory issues affecting the organization are recognized and addressed appropriately.

CONTACT: Lori Edmunds, Audit Director

TBI has been internationally accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) since November 19, 1994. The Accreditation Manager is responsible for ensuring the Bureau maintains compliance with CALEA accreditation standards.

In addition to CALEA accreditation, TBI routinely pursues accreditation from the Tennessee Law Enforcement Accreditation program.

CONTACT: Cheryl Cain, Accreditation Manager

The Public Information Office is the central point of communication between TBI and the public. The staff in this office act as the point of contact for the media and promote some of the TBI’s most high-profile cases and programs.

Website development, video production, special promotional efforts, and the production of all outside promotional materials related to the Bureau are produced by this office.

CONTACT: Josh DeVine, Communications Director

The Professional Standards Unit (PSU) is responsible for a variety of legal functions. 

The primary responsibility of the attorneys and staff of the PSU is to provide legal counsel to all Divisions and units within the TBI on any legal issues that arise from TBI activities. Attorneys provide counsel to agents and employees in the field, working with the State Attorney General’s office in representing the TBI and TBI employees in ongoing litigation, establishing and implementing contracts, responding to requests and demands for Bureau records, and advising on and processing employment decisions made by Bureau management.

The PSU works closely with the Training Division in providing legal training both inside and outside the TBI. 

PSU has an attorney who is designated as TBI's public records coordinator. That attorney responds to all public records requests that are directed to the Bureau.

PSU provides legal counsel to those investigating allegations of misconduct by TBI employees. 

CONTACT: Jeanne Broadwell, General Counsel 

The Aviation Unit  operates TBI's Cessna 182 Skylane and Pilatus PC-12NG aircraft as necessary in support of TBI investigations and the needs of other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. The Bureau Aircraft are used for officer safety overwatch flights, intelligence gathering, and the transportation of critical personnel in support of law enforcement operations.

The Executive Officer serves as the Director of Special Programs/Projects, who conducts research, creation and implementation of supplemental programs and projects for the Bureau. Through routine assessment of agency work culture, work processes and through collaborative efforts, the Director of Special Programs/Projects implements projects and/or programs for the enhancement and expansion of Bureau services to employees and external customers.

CONTACT: Illana Tate, Executive Officer

The Human Resources Office provides guidance and strategies to align TBI personnel, processes, and organizational structure with the Bureau mission. Management consultation services are provided in the areas of recruitment, onboarding, employee relations, leave and attendance, performance management, classification, compensation, organizational effectiveness, and workforce development.

The unit also provides technical support for the processing of payroll, benefits, worker’s compensation, and other transactions for employees. The unit is responsible for compliance with the Family Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Amended Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VI and IX, as well as, the Rules of the Tennessee Department of Human Resources.

Additionally, the Human Resources Unit develops, implements, monitors, and recommends strategic improvements for the Bureau’s annual Affirmative Action Plan. In addition, this Unit assists in the development and implementation of new processes and initiatives established in Tennessee state government.

CONTACT: Dr. Ernie Ricketts, Human Resources Director

TBI's Protective Services Unit consists primarily of Uniformed Officers who are responsible for the phyical security of TBI facilities, along with TBI personnel and guests. Employees in this unit also conduct  all background investigations for full-time and temporary employees, interns, contract personnel, certain Tennessee Education Lottery employees, and all appointments by the Governor.

Employees in this unit also handle investigations of alleged misconduct by TBI employees.

CONTACT: Joseph Worthington, Protective Services Sergeant

The Fiscal Services Unit is a support unit for the TBI. As such, it has a vast array of responsibilities all of which are designed to ensure that each division within the Bureau is provided the resources and support necessary to function.

Specific examples of the services provided by this unit include the following:

  • Preparing the Bureau’s annual budget.
  • Monitoring expenditures and revenue collection.
  • Processing accounts receivable and payable transactions.
  • Maintaining all federal and interdepartmental grants.
  • Reviewing the fiscal effect of proposed legislation to the Bureau.
  • Serving as a liaison to the legislature and other state and federal accounting units.

CONTACT: Brian Senecal, Fiscal Services Director

Employees in this unit handle a variety of key support functions, including the purchasing of all goods and services necessary for TBI to operate effectively. This unit also manages all TBI vehicles and transportation equipment and conducts an annual inventory of all TBI state-tagged equipment.

CONTACT: Mike Frizzell, Special Agent In Charge