The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Crime Laboratory system is accredited in testing, calibration, and crime scene response to guidelines set by ISO/IEC and ANAB.

The TBI's Forensic Services Division strives to provide accurate and objective services using the following policies and procedures.

Forensic Imaging Standard Operating Procedures
Imaging of Friction Ridge Detail Chapter
Digital Enhancements
Printing Images
Digital Media Protection
Terms and Definitions

Standard Operating Procedures
Light-Based Methods
     Alternate Light Source
     Reflective Ultra-Violet Imaging System
Physical-Based Methods
     Small Particle Reagent (SPR)
Chemical-Based Methods
     Amido Black Methanol
     Amido Black Water
     Coomassie Brilliant Blue
     Cyanoacrylate Fuming
     Dye Stains
     Glacial Acetic Acid
     1,2 Indanedione
     Leucocrystal Violet
     Friction Ridge Comparison

Case Management
     Evidence Handling
     Case Documentation
     Quality Control