Cybercrime is the use of technology to commit crimes. At TBI, specially trained Agents use the latest technology to investigate a wide variety of cases.


We're seeing a growing trend in this disturbing kind of crime, one that can leave victims both broke and broken.

Are You A Victim?

If you find yourself a victim of sextortion, taking the right steps, right now, can mitigate the damage, preserve key evidence, and improve the odds someone can be held accountable. TBI agents in our Cybercrime and Digital Evidence Unit recommend the following:

  • Immediately report and block the account sextorting you or your loved one.
  • Report the crime to law enforcement.
  • Document the crime thoroughly, including screen shots, screen names, phone numbers, and any other information that may be helpful.

Pig Butchering Scams

It's been a scam for a while, because scammers know it works.

Learn how to spot this type of romance scam, which can devastate victims, both financially and emotionally.

Online Romance Scams

Looking for love online? Better watch out!

There's been a recent uptick in romance scams, so  we're taking a deep dive to give you information and tips to protect your heart and your wallet!

Part 1:  What Is A Romance Scam?

Part 2:  How Can You Spot A Romance Scam?

Part 3:  How To Protect Yourself From A Romance Scam While Dating Online

Other Enforcement Priorities

These cases are our highest priority. Contact us immediately at 1-800-TBI-FIND if you have reason to believe a child is being victimized by means of the Internet, a cell phone, or other electronic means of communication. Please note: It is not illegal for an adult to communicate with a child or even to declare themselves to be in love. However, it is illegal for an adult to send a naked picture of themselves to a child, or ask the child to do the same, or to ask the child to perform a sex act with them.

TBI investigates allegations that a person or a website is in possession of child pornography. Please keep in mind there is a great deal of adult pornography on the Internet marketed as "teens", in which the pictures are often adult women made up to look young. While many might find such images offensive, they are not illegal. If you do not personally know the person depicted is a child, and it is not obvious from their development (child pornography often depicts pre-pubescent children), it may not be child pornography.

TBI does not have jurisdiction over financial crimes, harassment, identity theft, or similar offenses without a request from the District Attorney General. Generally, local law enforcement is the best first step in such cases. Exceptions would be large organized scams run from within Tennessee. In such cases, the District Attorney General may request a TBI investigation.

If the person is known to you (a former friend, romantic partner, employee, etc.), and the financial loss is considerable, the District Attorney General may request a TBI investigation. Otherwise, contact your local law enforcement agency. The TBI is always available and willing to assist a department that may be new to online investigations. If you simply had a virus infect your computer, you will need to contact customer support or one of the major antivirus vendors like Norton or McAfee.