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Interested in joining our team?

Open positions will be announced for a minimum of one week, from Wednesdays to Tuesdays. Applications must be submitted through the state's website. Candidates must apply for each position for which they wish to be considered. Any applicant who meets the minimum qualifications and completes the electronic first round interview questions will be put on a list of eligible candidates. Hiring managers will utilize first round interview answers to select eligible applicants for second round, in-person interviews. Candidates will receive E-mail notification after the in-person interview as to whether they are advancing in the selection process.   

Candidates who advance and are conditionally offered employment within the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are required to pass an extensive, fingerprint-based background investigation, which includes a credit and criminal history screening. This background investigation may take up to three weeks. Due to the time expansion for the process caused by the background check and other requirements, the entire selection process for non-commissioned employees may take up to three months. In addition to the extensive and personal background investigation, commissioned employees are required to submit to a polygraph examination, a physical evaluation, and a psychological evaluation. Based on these additional requirements, the selection process for candidates for commissioned positions may take up to four months. The final candidate(s) will be notified by phone with a formal job offer.

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