Public Invited to Share Feedback on Revised K-12 Math Academic Standards

Monday, May 04, 2020 | 01:24pm

Elizabeth Tullos

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) — The Tennessee State Board of Education is inviting the public to provide feedback and comments on the proposals to revise the state’s K-12 mathematics academic standards through May 22, 2020, at 12 PM CT.

All Tennesseeans are invited to review the revised math standards through the public review survey.  Public comments and feedback will be considered by the Standards Recommendation Committee before the math standards are finalized and submitted to the State Board of Education for approval.

These revisions to the math standards were developed by three advisory teams composed of Tennessee K-12 and university educators split between three grade bands: K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Following this review, several educators from each grade band team reviewed the standards for coherence and consistency through all grade levels. On the survey, participants will be able to see the original academic standards and the proposed revisions as they provide feedback. 

Before the standards are approved by the State Board, the Standards Recommendation Committee will conduct a thorough review. Members of this committee are selected by the governor, speaker of the House of Representatives, and the lieutenant governor/speaker of the Senate. 

The State Board of Education is undertaking the revision of math academic standards at this time in order to align the math standards review process with the next math textbook adoption cycle. After the State Board approves math standards on final reading later this year, the state Textbook and Instructional Materials Commission will recommend a list of aligned educational resources from which school districts will adopt instructional materials. The revised math standards will go into effect in several years after districts adopt aligned materials to support instruction. 

The State Board of Education is charged in law with reviewing all academic standards at least every six years in a thorough and transparent process. In November, the State Board of Education initiated the review process for the math academic standards with the first round of public feedback. Over 33,382 responses were submitted during the initial survey window. Teams of Tennessee educators reviewed the initial public feedback over a three-month span as the math academic standards were updated line-by-line. An overview of the academic standards review process is available on the State Board of Education website. 

While the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency has drawn the attention of schools, districts, and the state at this time, standards review work remains on track to follow a  six-year cycle. This timeline ensures that the standards review for each subject aligns with the adoption cycle of textbooks and instructional materials for that course. The educators involved in the review process focused on refining standards for clarity, removing unneeded or duplicative standards, and providing examples for instruction. This work will help anchor teachers' efforts on the most important math content in each grade so that students may be prepared for success.


The Tennessee State Board of Education is a ten-member, governor-appointed and legislatively confirmed board charged under the law with rulemaking and policymaking for K-12 education. Through a close partnership with the Tennessee Department of Education, the Board maintains oversight in K-12 implementation and academic standards.