State Board Releases Educator Preparation Providers Progress Report

Monday, September 09, 2019 | 09:50am

On Monday, the State Board of Education released the 2019 Educator Preparation Providers Progress Report: A Review of Improvements Over Time, a companion report to the annual Educator Preparation Report Card. This report highlights several educator preparation programs (EPPs) that made significant strides on the annual Report Card in the past several years. After first using Report Card data to identify EPPs with substantial improvements in a variety of areas, State Board staff conducted interviews with those EPPs to learn specific steps each provider took to improve. The goal of this report is to share several emerging practices that appear to be driving positive change in EPPs across Tennessee in an effort to support continuous improvement for educator preparation statewide. To read the 2019 Educator Preparation Program Quality Report or learn more about the 2018 Educator Preparation Report Card, visit our website.