Criminal Background Check Process for Adult Day Service Employees

This transfer process is available only for the following license types: Licensed Adult Day Services

Prospective employees meeting ALL the criteria below may qualify for a transfer of their background checks from a former employer within 180 days:

  1. Applicant has completed ALL required background checks within five years and received eligible results. (TBI, FBI, DCS, SOR, and VPR)
  2. Applicant has been started and separated from the former employer for less than 180 days.
  3. The applicant’s prospective employer has submitted a complete Notification of Transfer of Employment.

*If an applicant has submitted new fingerprints under the new employer’s license, a transfer cannot be requested or processed.*

The Notification of Transfer of Employment form must be submitted by the employer within 180 days of the applicant’s separation from their former employer. Forms received after 180 days of separation will be denied and applicants will be required to complete new background checks.

Employers utilizing the transfer process will receive one single letter stating eligibility for their records and department audit purposes.

Criminal Background Check Transfer Form (HS-3299)