Overdose Response Coordination Office (ORCO)

About ORCO

The Overdose Response Coordination Office (ORCO) was established in 2018 as TDH’s division for overdose prevention and response.  The office provides structure and support to the Department’s efforts, oversees grant-funded activities and cultivates and expands partnerships to strengthen the state’s public health response to the overdose crisis. 

Mission & Vision

ORCO’s Mission is to guide statewide overdose response efforts through improved coordination, collaboration, analysis and advocacy to reduce the impact of the overdose epidemic in Tennessee.  

ORCO’s Vision is to reduce substance misuse and achieve improved health and well-being across Tennessee.

Continuum of Care 

The multifactorial nature of SUD adds many layers of complexity to the approaches to preventing drug overdoses. To be effective at addressing SUD, ORCO utilizes a multi-tier strategy with public health actions at every step in the continuum of care. Image title: ORCO’s approach across the continuum of care to prevent SUD and drug overdoses