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Laboratory Services


  • WATER LABORATORY ALLIANCE (WLA) Virtual Workshop: Water Sector Emergency Response Planning

Pre-Workshop Meeting: 4/28/2021(12 – 2 PM CT) Workshop Dates: Day 1: 5/19/2021 (12 – 4 PM CT), Day 2: 5/21/2021 (12 – 4 PM CT).  Registration Deadline Extended through April 8, 2021!  Registration for the WLA workshop is FREE. Space is limited to 30 seats! See the flyer for more details and registration information.  



About Laboratory Services

The Mission of Laboratory Services is to provide high quality analytical services of medical and environmental testing and to achieve the Mission of the Department of Health.

The Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) Laboratory Services consists of the Microbiology Laboratories and Environmental Laboratories in Nashville and Knoxville. The central laboratory is housed in Nashville in a dedicated facility with state of the art equipment. The laboratory consists of 125 full time employees.

The Microbiology Laboratories are licensed by the State of Tennessee Laboratory Licensing Service (LLS) and certified by the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CLIA Laboratory Certificate of Compliance) to perform clinical testing. The laboratories perform a wide range of microbiological testing in the areas of Bacteriology, Molecular Biology, Environmental Microbiology, Mycobacteriology, Parasitology, Mycology, Immunoserology, Virology, and Newborn Screening. Laboratory Services is also the State Emergency Preparedness Laboratory for biological agents.

The Environmental Laboratories in Nashville and Knoxville are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Each laboratory follows guidelines, regulations, and methodology as
prescribed by the EPA, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), and other federal or state programs. The Environmental Laboratory consists of the Chemistry, Radiochemistry, Aquatic Biology, and Chemical Terrorism
Laboratories. The Environmental Laboratories perform testing in support of other state departments such as the Department of Environment and Conservation, Department of Labor, and the Department of Transportation.

Lab Services Organizational Chart (October 2020)

Objectives of Laboratory Services

  • To provide quality-assured microbiological and environmental chemistry laboratory services.
  • To assist other Tennessee laboratories in developing and strengthening their laboratory services.
  • To serve the entire state as a reference laboratory for difficult, unusual or otherwise unavailable laboratory procedures.
  • To serve as a resource of information on laboratory practice.
  • To test human and related specimens and environmental samples.
  • To assist in the development, evaluation, and standardization of medical and environmental laboratory testing procedures.
  • To participate in special studies and research projects.
  • To provide refresher training and information updates.

Locations and Mailing Addresses

Nashville Laboratory

Address for letter (non-specimen) mail  Physical location and address for items shipped by UPS, Federal Express and carriers other than the US Postal Service Address for specimens shipped via the US Postal Service

Tennessee Department of Health

Laboratory Services

630 Hart Lane

Nashville, TN 37243

Tennessee Department of Health

Laboratory Services

630 Hart Lane

Nashville, TN 37216

Tennessee Department of Health

Laboratory Services

P.O. Box 305130

Nashville, TN 37230

Knoxville Laboratory

Address for letter and specimen mail via the US Postal Service  Physical location and address for items shipped by UPS, Federal Express and carriers other than the US Postal Service

Knoxville Regional Laboratory

P.O. Box 59019

Knoxville, TN 37950 

Knoxville Regional Laboratory

2101 Medical Center Way

Knoxville, TN 37920