Communicable and Environmental Diseases and Emergency Preparedness Weekly Reports

Annual Reports

The CEDEP Annual Report is designed to provide health care organizations and providers, government and regulatory agencies, and other concerned individuals and groups with important statistical information about potentially preventable diseases. The report can serve as one source of data for them and can help assure that involved individuals and organizations have access to reliable information. The annual report also provides an assessment of the efforts undertaken by CEDEP over a period of years.

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Immunization Status Survey Of 24-Month-Old Children in Tennessee
An annual survey of the immunization status of 24 month old children is conducted by the CEDEP Immunization Program. The survey tracks progress toward achieving at least 90% on-time immunization with 10 routinely recommended vaccines.

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Kindergarten Immunization Compliance Assessment
The annual Kindergarten Immunization Compliance Assessment evaluates immunization coverage and exemption levels of state-required vaccines among children entering kindergarten.  The Tennessee Vaccine-Preventable Diseases and Immunization Program (VPDIP) collaborates with the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) to conduct this assessment of compliance with immunization requirements designed to ensure a healthy learning environment. 

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Immunization Status of Tennessee Counties
These infographics provide information about the immunization status of kindergarten students in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties.  High immunization coverage rates are critical if vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks are to be avoided.   

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Tennessee Reports on Healthcare Associated Infections
Healthcare associated infections (HAI) are acquired by patients during the course of receiving treatment for other conditions within a healthcare setting. In Tennessee, hospitals and long-term acute care facilities are required to reporting certain HAIs to the Tennessee Department of Health through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Healthcare Safety Network.

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EPI-News is a newsletter which is published by CEDEP to inform the public health community, the private medical community, and the general public on issues related to occurrence of diseases and notifiable conditions within the state.

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Acute Chemical Releases
Tennessee’s National Toxic Substance Incidents Program (NTSIP) performs acute hazardous chemical exposure surveillance. Acute toxic incidents may range from illicit methamphetamine lab explosions in homes to chemical poisoning in automobiles and from industrial chemical releases to transportation incidents. These events frequently require actions to protect public health such as evacuation, in-place sheltering, or decontamination.

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About Disease and Event Reporting in TN
Communicable diseases are easily spread from person to person. Prompt notification of a communicable disease can allow public health officials to locate and treat exposed persons, identify and contain outbreaks, and interrupt disease transmission. The information obtained from disease notification is also used to monitor disease trends, identify high risk groups, develop policy, and design prevention programs.

Finalized Data Published Annually
Finalized data on the number and distribution of diseases and events reported to CEDEP are published annually. Click on a link below to access finalized data available for 1995-2012.

Preliminary Data Published Weekly
Preliminary data on the number and distribution of diseases and events reported to CEDEP are published weekly. Preliminary data are only provided for years during which finalized data are not available. Click on a link below to access preliminary data published weekly during 2012 through 2014.