West HIA

Launched during a critical time of need, West TN’s HIA program has made great strides in planning and implementing projects targeted toward overdose prevention. In early 2021, West TN’s High Impact Area hired its first Program Manager. West HIA has exceeded the set goals for most of its projects. Some noteworthy achievements are, collaboration with the Nursing Program at Baptist Health Sciences University to implement an internship program under the Prevention Education Pillar, collaboration with local high schools engaging students in a tik-tok contest outlining knowledge of SUD,  and recruitment of interviewers to conduct motivational interviews for individuals who experience a non-fatal overdose and close contacts of individuals associated with a fatal overdose. The High Impact Area Program in West TN comprises Shelby County, which is the largest county in the state of Tennessee both geographically and by population.


Debbie Barrett, MPA
Opiod Response Manager
Shelby County Health Department