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Reporting in NetDMR

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No Data Indicator (NODI) Codes

All parameters in NetDMR require data entry on the DMR form.  No Data Indicator (NODI) codes are designed to help you avoid reporting violations when data is not available.

If data is not available for some reason, one of the following NODI codes should be entered from the drop down menu below the parameter instead of a numerical value.  And a detailed explanation of why the data is not available should be included in the DMR comment section.

Common NODI Codes:

NODI Code      Description
9 Monitoring Not Required/Conditional Monitoring     
B Below Detection Level /Not Detected
C No Discharge
X Parameter/Value Not Reported

Please note that the BOLD codes will result in a violation, so only use them in the case of a true violation. 

Below is a list of all available NODI codes:

NODI Code      Description
1 Wrong Flow
2 Operation Shutdown
3 Special Report Attached
4 Discharge to Lagoon/Groundwater
5 Frozen Conditions
7 No Influent
8 Other (See Comments)
9 Conditional Monitoring - Not Required
A General Permit Exemption
B Below Detection Limit / No Detection
C No Discharge
D Lost Sample/Data Not Available
E Analysis Not Conducted/No Sample     
F Insufficient Flow for Sampling
G Sampling Equipment Failure
H Invalid Test
I Land Applied
J Recycled Water-closed system
K Natural Disaster
L DMR Received But Not Entered
M Laboratory Error
N Not Constructed
Q Not Quantifiable
R Administratively Resolved
S Fire Conditions
V Weather Related
W Dry Lysimeter/Well
X Parameter/Value Not Reported

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