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NetDMR and Electronic Reporting

The NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule was published in the Federal Register on October 22, 2015, and will be implemented in two phases, Phase I and Phase II. Phase I became effective on December 21, 2016 and replaces paper-based Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs) and Biosolids Annual Program Reports with electronic reporting. Network Discharge Monitoring Report (NetDMR) is an electronic reporting tool  that allows NPDES-regulated facilities to submit DMRs electronically to EPA through a secure Internet application.

All NPDES permittees with DMR requirements are required to submit DMRs electronically, and as of May 2017, over 90% of all Tennessee NPDES permittees are reporting in NetDMR.

For NPDES permittees who are unable to meet the electronic reporting requirements, the rule provides flexibility for states to grant temporary or episodic waivers from electronic reporting. To obtain an electronic reporting waiver, permittees must first submit an electronic reporting waiver request by email to or by mail to:


          Division of Water Resources
          NetDMR Waivers
          Tennessee Tower, Eleventh Floor
          312 Rosa L. Parks Ave.
          Nashville, TN 37243


For NetDMR assistance, please contact the Regulatory Administrator for Tennessee's Instance of NetDMR, Sarah Elias at (615) 532-0683 or For additional NetDMR training materials, visit EPA’s Zendesk Support Portal.

Contact Us

Sarah Elias, Regulatory Administrator for NetDMR
Minor Municipal Wastewater and Water Treatment Facilities
P. (615) 532-0683

Brian Ham, Compliance Section Manager
Major Municipal Wastewater Facilities
P. (615) 532-1171

Gary Mullins
Mining Facilities
P. (865) 594-5536
Dennis Conger
Mining Facilities
P. (865) 594-5555
Erica Fey
Major Industrial Facilities
P. (615) 253-7235
Angela J. Hall
Minor Industrial Facilities
P. (615) 532-9506
Kathy Fowlkes 
RMCP and Fish Hatcheries
P. (931) 490-3937
Will Ward
UST, Hydrostatic and Construction
P. (615) 532-0637