Pollution Prevention (P2) Program

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Pollution Prevention (P2) Program is designed to provide P2 technical assistance and training to manufacturers. TDEC’s P2 program is partially funded through an EPA Pollution Prevention Grant and has three main components; (1) technical assistance and training, (2) Tennessee Sustainable Spirits, and the (3) Tennessee Green Star Partnership.

Technical assistance and training provided under TDEC’s P2 program during 2018-2020 Federal Fiscal Years is largely focused on industry in Tennessee that report releases to EPA via the Toxic Release Inventory, with specific emphasis on Food and Beverage Manufacturers.

TDEC offered two two virtual workshops in August 2020, during which representatives from manufacturing facilities across the state came together to discuss P2 best practices and strategies as well as P2 reporting tools and platforms. 

Recordings of these two workshops can be found by visiting the "Webinars and Workshops" portion of this webpage. 

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