Awards Criteria


What significant environmental, economic, social, and/or community enhancements resulted from the project? Include any qualitative and quantitative results.


Did the project utilize or contribute to any new methods or information that supports protecting or enhancing the environment? What creative or untested elements were included in the project?

Leadership and Commitment

How does the scope of the project compare to the size and resources of the organization(s)? Does the project go beyond the current status quo for what leadership typically requires of the organization for environmental performance? How is leadership within the organization(s) supporting the project? How does the project demonstrate an exceptional commitment from those involved in the effort (e.g., employees, leadership, community partners, local/state/federal government)?

Addressing Environmental Issues

How does this program, project or individual accomplishment address environmental issues and/or provide an environmental benefit to the State of Tennessee? Include and document any quantifiable results.


Describe how the program, project, or accomplishment lends itself to replication by other organizations or individuals. Are any project activities or results being shared with others, and if so, with who and how?

Education and Outreach

What education and/or outreach activities were associated with the project? Does the project promote public awareness regarding environmental issues, if so, describe how? Include and document any quantifiable results.

Environmental Justice

Does the project demonstrate a commitment to the mitigation of unfair distribution of environmental risks and resources to underserved or underrepresented communities (e.g., low-income communities, racial and ethnic minority communities, and/or elderly or young populations)?


Does this project involve a cooperative or collaborative effort between multiple entities, organizations, or sectors (city/state government, industries, civic groups, schools, citizens, associations)? Were partnerships created or strengthened by the project?