IEA Program Information for Participating Schools

To participate in the IEA Program and accept IEA funding from an IEA account holder for payment for tuition, fees, and/or textbooks, an interested nonpublic school must apply to the department, receive approval, and be placed on the approved list of IEA participating schools. Private schools applying to participate in the IEA Program must be listed on the department’s non-public schools list. Applications for private schools to participate in the IEA Program for the 2023-24 contract year are accepted year-round. School principals/directors must annually re-apply to participate in the IEA Program. The department strongly encourages each school to apply early to ensure that the school's application is fully approved and to ensure that parents are aware of all school options by the beginning date of the contract year, which is July 1, 2023, for the 2023-24 contract year.

Complete the application by following the instructions listed on the How to Apply to Be a Participating School webpage. For more information, please see the IEA Participating Non-Public School Handbook.

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