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IEA Program Information for Participating Schools

Schools can participate in the IEA Program at any time. To participate in the IEA Program, private schools must receive TDOE approval. Once that approval has been granted, the school will be authorized to accept funds from parents to pay for approved items, such as tuition, fees, and/or textbooks for their student through July 31 of the school calendar year for which they are enrolled, unless the school has been suspended or removed from the program. Please visit the How to Apply to Be a Participating School webpage for instructions on how to apply.

The IEA Participating Private School Handbook provides the most comprehensive information for private schools about the IEA Program, including the rights and responsibilities of participating schools.  This handbook is meant to supplement the IEA Account Holder Handbook; all school principals should read both.

More information on the IEA Program can be found on the IEA Resources webpage, which contains guidance for private and participating schools.  The IEA Training webpage webpage also provides information about training opportunities and webinars that can be accessed for additional clarity.   

You can also sign up to receive monthly email updates for the IEA Program here.


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