Individualized Education Account Program

The Individualized Education Account (IEA) Program is a school choice program for eligible students with disabilities. The program was created by the Individualized Education Act, adopted by the General Assembly in 2015. The first IEAs were awarded in January 2017. The IEA Program gives parents and students access to public education funds to use on certain types of approved educational expenses that best meet their own unique needs.

For more detailed information about the program, please review the IEA Account Holder Handbook and IEA Participating Non-Public School Handbook.

For information about educational services and programs for students with special education needs, please visit the department’s Special Education webpage.

If you have questions related to the IEA Program, need accommodations to access IEA materials, or si habla español Y necesito una intérprete, please contact the IEA team at

Key Dates 2022-23

(*Applications for schools are accepted year-round.)

2022-23 Student Applications
(The windows for NEW and RENEWAL Applications have closed for the 2022-23 contract year. The next anticipated date to apply for the 2023-24 contract year begins Feb. 15, 2023.)



IEA Team

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