WBL Certification

Work-based learning (WBL) certificates allow teachers who hold an active Tennessee teaching license to become WBL coordinators, oversee WBL programs, and offer WBL courses for credit. WBL coordinators are required to have an active WBL certificate, provided by the department, in order to operate WBL programs and to supervise capstone WBL experiences.


Requirements for WBL coordinators are outlined in the WBL Policy Guide. WBL coordinators must:

  • hold a current and active Tennessee teaching license;
  • hold an appropriate endorsement for the WBL course to be taught;
  • comply with all WBL training requirements and applicable child labor laws; and
  • provide documentation of non-teaching work experience (paid or unpaid) outside of their role as educator.

Non-Teaching Work Experience

Proof of non-teaching work experience is required to earn the WBL certificate. For initial certification, teachers must present one (1) of the items listed below to the trainer at the time of training. Teachers renewing WBL certificates are not required to present this proof at subsequent trainings.

  1. Verification that the teacher holds an occupational license
  2. Proof of non-teaching work experience, which may take one of several forms:
    1. letter from previous employer verifying employment,
    2. letter from volunteer organization or church verifying at least 40 hours of volunteer service in non-teaching or non-tutoring roles,
    3. copy of a business license, 
    4. copy of a pay stub or tax form verifying payment (please black out your social security number , if applicable), or
    5. proof of participation in a teacher externship within industry of at least 40 hours

WBL Certificates

Completion of WBL Certification and Recertification training is required for all educators listed as the teacher of record for WBL: Career Practicum, WBL: Transitions, Nursing Education, and/or Clinical Internship courses. WBL certificates must be renewed every two years.

To earn a WBL certificate, an educator must first complete an online training module and then attend an in-person WBL Certification or Recertification Networking Event. The WBL coordinator is responsible for keeping a copy of the WBL certificate and sharing a copy with the school principal or other system-required staff member.


Please direct all questions related to WBL certification to WBL.Training@tn.gov