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Child Safety Staff

Dimple Dudley, Deputy Commissioner

Carla Aaron, MSSW, Executive Director

Haroon Iqbal, J.D., Special Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner

Sheriee Davis, Administrative Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner

Rebecca Bevans, Program Coordinator

Amy Coble, MCJ, Director of Investigations

Pierce Beckham, LMSW, J.D., Deputy Director of Investigations

Valerie Eredia, Special Assistant to the State Director of Investigations

Mary Beth Duke, West Tennessee Regional Investigations Director

Kate Greer, Middle Tennessee Regional Investigations Director

Jaime Greene-Lamb, Plateau Regional Investigations Director

Kim Garland, MSW, East Tennessee Regional Investigations Director

Heather Ray, Director, Child Abuse Hotline

Anne DePrekel, Director of Training and Development

Empathy Guerin, Project Manager

Amy Taylor, Training Officer

Stephanie Butler, Director of Internal Quality Control

Andrea Graves, Internal Quality Control Specialist

Maryam Abdallah, LMSW, Internal Quality Control Specialist

Matthew R. Muenzen, M.A., J.D., Director of Community Partnerships