Mission & Vision

The Department of Children’s Services strategic plan outlines the department’s vision and mission and priorities, goals, and objectives to guide day-to-day operations and inform funding priorities.

From this plan, action steps are developed to guide our work and measure the outcomes.

The plan, which is updated every four years, is developed by the department’s senior leadership with guidance from a consultant sponsored by Casey Family Programs. The action steps are developed by each region, youth development center, and central office staff.

Strategic planning is a key element of accreditation and best practices.


Act in the best interest of Tennessee's children and youth.


Children First!


  • Integrity: Ethical Conduct
  • Trauma Responsive: Realize, Recognize, Respond, and Resist Re-Traumatization
  • Do Good: When Children Succeed, We Succeed
  • Partnership: Collaborating for Better Outcomes

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