Child Safety


The Tennessee Department of Children's Services receives more than 140,000 calls to the Child Abuse Hotline annually.

To report child abuse or neglect in Tennessee, call the Child Abuse Hotline at 877-237-0004.

Reports also can be made online through a form on our secure site.

The Office of Child Safety and its investigators train for and carry out the work of investigations, and they often coordinate their work with law enforcement, child advocacy centers and prosecutors. The Special Investigations Unit investigates allegations of abuse and neglect in third-party settings, such as schools, day cares or foster homes.

This division also supports the preservation of families.

In Tennessee, we use the Multiple Response System, which takes into account that not all situations require the same type of response.  Sometimes children are at extreme risk and need the immediate intervention of investigators. Sometimes though, families are struggling to raise their children and need the help and services of DCS and other community organizations.

Click for an overview of how the department uses the Multiple Response System.  Many of these services are coordinated through In Home Tennessee, which works to keep children safe while keeping families together.