In Home Tennessee

At the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services we believe in keeping children safe. We also believe it is important to keep more families together. We want to improve opportunities for parents and children. We want to be smart about using our resources more effectively.

Welcome to In Home Tennessee.

In Home Tennessee is the department’s main network for gathering a vast array of local resources that can help the families we serve. Each community in Tennessee is different. That is why we emphasize local solutions. At the same time, In Home Tennessee draws on the experience of thousands of child-welfare experts across the state and across the country to help us find the solutions and the resources that can deliver results.

Safe Children. Strong Families. Caring Communities.

Through In Home Tennessee DCS coordinates a wide range of services with organizations across the state, including:

  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Mental Health Services
  • Parent Education
  • Therapeutic Visitation
  • Data Sharing
  • Needs Identification

We collaborate with local and statewide organizations, including:

  • Volunteer Organizations
  • Research Institutions
  • Community Advisory Boards
  • Private Providers
  • Other Government Agencies

How to Work with Us

In Home Tennessee supports our field staff and most importantly, the local and statewide organizations that provide services directly to children and families who need our services.

We help these organizations coordinate our work with the federal government. We share data. We encourage our partners to brainstorm new ways to deliver services to the families that need in-home care. We meet regularly with the organizations and offer assistance and guidance.

This section will offer more information on prevention services and how you can get involved in supporting Tennessee families by getting involved locally.