Internal Quality Control

The Tennessee Department of Children's Services Office of Child Safety is continuously searching for innovative ways to assess excellence at the Child Abuse Hotline and within Child Protective Services Investigations and Special Investigations divisions.  

Rather than rely on anecdotal information or uneven data that may not apply to the entire system, the Office of Child Safety seeks regular and reliable sources of information that helps evaluate performance, make ongoing decisions, and provide an accurate picture for staff and external stakeholders.

To that end, the Office of Child Safety established an Internal Quality Control division to define and implement this philosophy and ongoing effort. The division is involved in most every aspect of OCS operations. It assures the Office of Child Safety functions efficiently, meets accreditation standards, satisfies its vision and mission statements and meets standards set in policies and protocols.

The Director of Internal Quality Control is responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating audit processes that will not only monitor compliance in hotline and investigative protocols and procedures but also for evaluating the quality of work within those divisions. The Director provides consistent oversight to these internal reviews and provides information to established Continuous Quality Improvement teams within OCS. The CQI teams then address results of the internal reviews and develop improvement plans to improve practice and/or policy. 

Contact Information

Jeff Weidenbenner
Director of Internal Quality Control
Office of Child Safety
Tennessee Department of Children's Services
Nashville, TN 37243