Child Health

The Office of Child Health is responsible for the health of children served by DCS. Health is defined broadly to encompass:

  • Physical health
  • Emotional and behavioral well-being
  • Educational success.

The division operates as the clinical steward of these services in collaboration with other divisions within DCS. Our regional teams are staffed with:

  • Licensed mental practitioners with specific  expertise
  • Health advocates
  • Teachers
  • Registered nurses

The Tennessee Department of Children's Services is a TennCare Managed Care Contractor for medical and clinical services within residential treatment settings and the continuum of behavioral healthcare services for children in state custody. This is similar to other managed care contractors such as TennCare Select’s community medical and behavioral healthcare services. The Office of Child Health develops clinical guidelines for contract provider services and monitors services delivered on both an individual and system-wide basis.

DCS is the Local Education Agency for school services for children in state custody provided by contracted providers.