Education Specialists

What Education Specialists Do

Many children in state custody have suffered trauma and adverse experiences that may impact learning, behavior and socialization.

Our staff works with school districts to help educators understand children and youth want to be treated just like other students, want to be involved in decision-making and have many strengths.

Promoting those strengths – and providing the normalcy that school offers gives students a greater chance at a smoother transition to adulthood and future economic self-sufficiency.

Common Issues Education Specialists Address

Here is a sample of just some of the issues Education Specialists handle:

  • The school is asking for psychological records, is that OK?
  • The school won’t enroll the child.
  • The child’s immunization records are needed for school enrollment.
  • A youth in foster care needs to take the GED, how does he sign up?
  • The child has been suspended, now what?
  • The school isn’t being understanding when the child has to leave for court, medical appointments or family visitation.

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