Contract Provider Manual

Effective May 2024

The Contract Provider Manual is a document that outlines the responsibilities and requirements of service provision for the contract provider network.  It is divided into thirteen individual sections pertaining to specific levels of care available to children and youth through contractual relationships between DCS and contract provider agencies. 

Within each section description, the reader will also find a definition of the service and placement type, the admission/clinical criteria, and the service components required within the per diem. The user will also find links to mandated DCS Policy relevant to the subject matter contained within that section.

It should be noted that situations may arise in which discrepancies or ambiguities are encountered when applying the policies contained within the CPM. In such situations, the current DCS policy will supersede those items and requirements contained in the most current iteration of the Contract Provider Manual.

This Page Last Updated: May 1, 2024 at 8:46 AM