November 2022 Open Line

Year 2022 for You

November 25, 2022

National Play Basketball Day

Create a pick-up game of basketball with family, friends, or neighbors in honor of National Play Basketball Day (Dec. 2).

Capture the fun and send the photo(s) to by Dec. 15.
Five participants chosen at random will win a prize!


Upcoming Virtual Events

Every Wednesday: Yoga for All
Wednesday, Nov. 30 from 12-12:15 p.m. CT
Join this 15-minute live, virtual, seated yoga class each week that’s suitable for beginners and relaxing for all fitness levels.
This class is brought to you by volunteer certified yoga teachers and state employees in partnership with Working for a Healthier Tennessee.
Attire: Anything you can move in.
Equipment Needed: Chair
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Jelly Doughnuts

Recipe of the Week

Jelly doughnuts (sufganiyot) are a traditional Hanukkah treat. These are normally fried, so we encourage you to try this lighter, baked version.

November 18, 2022

Take a hike!

It's a Great Time of Year to Take a Hike!

Find a Tennessee State Parks After-Thanksgiving Hike near you! Did you miss celebrating Take a Hike Day this week (Nov. 17)? This is a great way to make it up!

Share your park photo(s) and/or experiences with by 11/30. A participant from each region chosen at random will win a prize!


Recipe of the Week

This healthier stuffing recipe uses low-sodium broth and has added fiber from the vegetables. Try it out this holiday season!

You can access all WFHTN recipes at

And don’t forget to practice this 10-minute Mindful Eating Meditation and share what you learned from the exercise.*Five participants chosen at random will win a prize!*

November 11, 2022


Join the Great American Smokeout!

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. It takes time and a plan. You don’t have to stop smoking in one day. Start with day one. Let the Great American Smokeout event on Thursday, Nov. 17 be the day you start your journey toward a smoke-free life. There are many ways to get involved. Here are three:\\

  1. READ How to Help Someone Quit Smoking.
  2. WATCH this 14-minute e-cigarette webinar.

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE about e-cigarettes with this quiz. To get the answer key, please submit the completed quiz to


Work on Your Mindfulness This Week

“Using Mindfulness to Make the Holidays Happier”

(presented by Optum and ActiveHealth)

Wednesday, Nov. 16 from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. CT

Learn how to practice mindfulness and self-care during this busy time. The “Make the Holidays Happier” webinar helps identify factors that contribute to holiday stress. It also explores ways to create the kind of holiday celebration that meets your needs. You’ll be able to make better choices for the holidays while lowering stress levels, improving family relationships, and having more fun.

Register here.

Mindfulness Break: Gratitude

Friday, Nov. 18 from 10-10:15 a.m. CT

There’s so much to be grateful for this holiday season. Join this session to remind yourself of all the things there are to be grateful for with Thanksgiving just around the corner.

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Mindful Eating Meditation

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it can be a challenge to take a break and savor the moment, including when we enjoy a meal or snack. Eating mindfully can be helpful in several ways, including feeling fuller sooner (meaning you eat less), allowing more appreciation for your food, and giving you an opportunity to slow down.

Try this 10-minute Mindful Eating Meditation and share what you learned from the exercise.

*Five participants chosen at random will win a prize!*


5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique for Anxiety

Grounding techniques are sometimes called coping techniques. They can help with anxiety. Grounding techniques can help simplify thoughts. This can help when your mind is very active. (1 minute 54 seconds)

Mashed Butternut Squash

Recipe of the Week

Looking for a new dish to try this holiday season? Try this flavorful Mashed Butternut Squash recipe! One cup of butternut squash contains 457% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for regulating cell growth, eye health, bone health, and immune function. Another bonus is that butternut squash is in season this time of year!

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November 4, 2022

World Diabetes Day

Nov. 14 is World Diabetes Day!

Monday, Nov. 14 is World Diabetes Day. Did you know one in 10 adults around the world currently lives with diabetes? That’s an estimated 537 million! Half of those don’t even know they have it. This World Diabetes Day let’s work together to bring awareness to this condition.

Here’s a list of ways you can join us:

Upcoming Events

Let’s Learn About Diabetes

Tuesday, Nov. 8 from 1–1:15 p.m. CT
Join WFHTN Wellness Coordinator Morgan McFarlane for an interactive session to learn about diabetes prevention.
Two attendees chosen at random will win a prize!

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You can access all upcoming activities, webinars, and workouts at

Oven Dried Apples

Recipe of the Week

This healthy oven-dried apple recipe is perfect if you want to make dried apples at home and don't have a dehydrator. Great for lunchboxes or as a snack, homemade dried apples are easy to make in the oven and are high in fiber and nutrients.