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Tennessee Online Hunter Education

Online Hunter Education Course Information

In addition to the traditional twelve hour hunter education course the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has developed an online program with an online field day to better accommodate people's busy schedules.   This option allows students to complete the majority of the classroom work at home on their computer.   

After completing the home study portion, the student must then attend a field day in order to complete the certification.  At the field day, students receive a brief review and must pass a 100 question true-false/multiple choice test.  In addition to the test, students must demonstrate how to handle a firearm safely and must participate in a live fire session in order to become certified.  

Field days typically last four hours.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Tennessee Hunter Education certificate and a card (must be carried in the field). 

Because the online field days are labor intensive for our instructors, the field days may not be offered as often as the traditional classes. 

Therefore, it is critical that an individual first locate an online field day prior to signing up for the online course.

(A traditional 12 hour course is not structured the way an online course is structured; the classroom portion of an online course covers a lot of information rather quickly.   Younger students are encouraged to attend the traditional classes, the faster pace of the online class may prove difficult for younger students.   The last day of a traditional class cannot be substituted for an online field day.) 

The following is a list of four steps that must be completed before becoming a certified hunter education graduate from an online course:

  • Locate and sign up for an Online Field Day
  • Complete the Online courses 
  • Bring the printout of successful completion of the online course to the field day. You may not attend the last class of a traditional class to complete certification, you must attend a field day.
  • Complete the field day requirements; lecture, live fire and complete the final exam.

There are two options available for taking the hunter education course online.   The websites listed are not affiliated or controlled by TWRA.   Both online courses listed below will be accepted by TWRA as the home study portion of the hunter education course.  

Online Courses  Accepted by the TWRA

Take's fully narrated and interactive online course where you'll learn everything you need to pass your Field Day with flying colors! offers professionally narrated content, over 60 exercises and videos, and the entire course is fully illustrated!  It also includes an exclusive Virtual Field Day to prepare you for the field!

Once students have passed the online course, they will print a “Field Day Voucher” in order to attend the Field Day portion of the course, to get their Hunter Education Certificate. Note that the Field Day is complete with a lecture, live fire exercises and a final exam.

The Tennessee course is user-friendly and self-directed. Study at your own pace, then take the Tennessee Hunter Field Day Qualifier Exam. When you pass the online exam, print out your Tennessee Field Day Qualifier Voucher—your "admission ticket" for a Field Day required to complete your certification. Prepare for your Field Day with confidence by studying the content used in Tennessee classroom courses. Highlights include:

  • TWRA chose Hunter-Ed for its classroom hunting safety course.
  • Pick your online learning style: listen, read, or both!
  • Exam questions are read aloud, with pictures to trigger your memory - a exclusive.
  • Hundreds of realistic illustrations - you'll feel like you're outdoors.
  • Learn exactly how firearms work with detailed animations.
  • Cost is $28.95, but no payment is required until you're ready to print your Field Day Qualifier Voucher.

Online Field Day Exemption Options

An exemption for the Tennessee Hunter Education Online Field Day is available for anyone 21 years of age or older. To receive this exemption and a Tennessee Hunter Education card and certificate, you must follow these steps.

Step 1: Complete one of the following online classes:

Option 1 - Complete the following online class: this course costs $28.95
Option 2: Complete the following online class: this course costs $29.00

Both options are interactive, narrated, and offers daily (including weekend) live customer service via email or telephone with a toll-free number.

Step 2:  Complete the form provided at this link: Hunter Education Field Day Exemption and mail, fax, or email with required documentation and payment (check, money order or credit card only) to the address listed on the form.  Payment (check, money order or credit card) to the addresses listed on the form.   After submission,  you can expect to receive your card within 3 to 5 business days. Please do not attempt to purchase the permit from the TWRA's mobile app as we will not honor purchases from our app for this permit at this time.