Social Studies


The State Board of Education is charged under Tennessee statute (T.C.A. § 49-1-311-313) and State Board Policy (Standards Review Policy 3.209) to review and approve the English Language Arts (ELA), math, science, and social studies standards at least every eight years. Each standards review process follows the same almost two-year rigorous, legislatively mandated process to promote collaboration and transparency. This process entails significant public feedback and coordination across educators, state government, and appointed representatives. See the resources below and on the Standards Review webpage to learn more about standards review. 

Current Standards

The State Board approved the current social studies standards on final reading in July 2017. These social studies standards will be in effect until the 2027-2028 school year. For more information on the previous review cycles and other subjects, check out the Standards Review Cycles document here.

For more information from the Tennessee Department of Education, check out their website here


The State Board approved new social studies standards on final reading in February 2024. These standards will go into effect starting in the 2027-2028 school year. For more information on the process or the new standards, check out the resources below.  

Lea Bartch - Appointed by Lt. Gov. McNally

Ray Smith - Appointed by Lt. Gov. McNally

Katherine Shultz - Appointed by Lt. Gov. McNally 

Linda Moss Mines - Appointed by Governor Lee

Ashley Flood - Appointed by Governor Lee

Chad Lewis - Appointed by Governor Lee

Stephen Powell - Appointed by Governor Lee

Jeffrey A. Cobble - Appointed by Speaker Sexton

Laurie Cardoza-Moore - Appointed by Speaker Sexton

Jennifer Hamblin - Appointed by Speaker Sexton 

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