Mark Luttrell Transition Center

Photo of Warden Taylor Kapusta

Superintendent Taylor Kapusta

6000 State Road

Memphis, Tennessee 38134

(Shelby County)

(901) 372-2080


The Mark Luttrell Transition Center (MLTC), located in Memphis, first opened in 1999 as a facility for female offenders.  In 2016, its mission was changed to prepare male offender for successful reentry.  With an operating capacity to house 288 inmates, MLTC’s mission is to enhance public safety by offering offenders a supportive living environment and evidence-based transitional services to reintegrate successful into society.

Named after former TDOC Commissioner Mark Luttrell, the facility offers offenders - or “residents” as they are called at MLTC - a phased program that focuses on cognitive and behavioral care, education, and job skills development.

  • Phase I involves a structured classroom environment, where residents can participate in a variety of evidence-based vocational and behavioral health programs.  This includes Career Exploration and Persevere computer programming class, in addition to cognitive behavior intervention program, substance use group therapy, substance use aftercare, and workforce development.
  • Phase II expands the program, but also requires residents to maintain employment within the facility, such as landscaping, janitorial services, or food services.
  • Phase III allows residents to participate in a work-release program, meaning they maintain employment in the community but reside at MLTC until they are granted parole or complete their sentence.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the Mark Luttrell Transition Center.