Substance Use Best Practice Tool Guide


The Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services’ Division of Clinical Leadership, in collaboration with the Division of Substance Abuse Services, has developed its first substance use best practice tool guide.  The document contains information and resources and aligns with initiatives of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:

  • Increasing awareness and understanding of substance use;
  • Promoting the use of best practices for individuals with substance use disorders, including co-occurring disorders;
  • Encouraging innovative and improved practice in the field;
  • Enhancing capacity that will result in stronger communities; and
  • Developing expertise around substance use issues for an array of audiences.

The tool guide has been reviewed by a diverse group of stakeholders from across the state, including academia, non-profits agencies, for-profit entities, and government agencies.  Evidence-based practices are emphasized throughout the document.  In summary, the tool guide aims to promote knowledge, wholeness, and recovery. 

The entire document is available at this link.

Or download individual modules below or in the left-side menu:

Primary Modules: pgs. 1-174

Special Populations: pgs. 175-315

Special Issues: pgs. 316-368

Download the Screening Tools: pgs. 369-432

Screening for Drug Use in General Medical Settings:  Resource Guide: pg. 374 Substance Use Risk Profile: pg. 375
CAGE: pgs. 376-377 CAGE-AID: pgs. 376, 378
CRAFFT: pgs. 379-381 AUDIT: pgs. 382-383
DAST-10: pgs. 384-385 T-ACE: pg. 386
UNCOPE: pgs. 387-388 UNCOPE Plus: pg. 389
Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale: pg. 390 Michigan Alcohol Screening Test (MAST): pgs. 391-392
Fast Alcohol Screening Test (FAST): pg. 393 Institute for Health & Recovery 5 P’s Behavioral Risk Screening Tool: pg. 394
MDCalc (links to 4 online tools: AUDIT-C, CAGE, CIWA-Ar, COWS): pg. 395 Stages of Change Readiness and Treatment Eagerness Scale (SOCRATES), Version 8: pgs. 396-403
AC-OK Screen for Co-Occurring Disorders: pgs. 404-405- PTSD Checklist (PCL): pgs. 406-407
Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS): pgs. 408-409 Addiction Severity Index (ASI), 5th edition: pgs. 410-425
Opioid Risk Tool (ORT): pg. 426 Drinking Agreement (Sample): pg. 427

*References: pgs. 428-432

Appendices: pgs. 433-467

Appendix A: Caffeine Use: pgs. 434-441
Appendix B: e-Cigarettes: pgs. 442-450
Appendix C: Child Welfare: pgs. 451-456
Appendix D: Sexual Minority Populations: pgs. 457-467

For more information, contact:
Edwina Chappell
Division of Clinical Leadership
Tennessee Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services