Volunteer: Help Older Tennesseans with Medicare

TN SHIP Medicare Information and Counseling

SHIP is a national program that provides free and objective one-on-one counseling, information and help to people with Medicare, people who may need Medicare, and people looking into Medicare with someone else in mind. SHIP relies upon a community-based, grassroots network of local SHIP offices that helps consumers via telephone and face-to-face interactive sessions, public education presentations, and programs and media activities.  

TN SHIP may not endorse any insurance company, agency, agent or plan—to the extent that SHIP is prohibited from making even the appearance of an endorsement.  Whereas other entities offering Medicare education or assistance are often motivated by potential sales, SHIP’s goal is solely to help consumers make informed decisions.

How do I become a volunteer?

The first step in becoming a SHIP Volunteer is to complete the TN SHIP/SMP volunteer application. We also recommend you review the TN SHIP/SMP volunteer role descriptions to learn more about different ways you can help the program. Each volunteer role description outlines the responsibilities included for a particular role:

Additional information about these roles can be found in the TN SHIP/SMP Volunteer Risk and Program Management (VRPM) Manual. You will also need to plan to attend a TN SHIP/SMP volunteer certification training.  

Who can volunteer?

Any adult who attends the required training, completes all program documents and passes a background check will be able to volunteer for TN SHIP.

Who cannnot volunteer? 

We welcome volunteers from all backgrounds. However, you cannot volunteer if you are licensed to sell health insurance.

Where can people volunteer?

TN SHIP has many partnerships with local senior centers, libraries, community centers, church and so many more! We are always looking for new partnerships for volunteers who have personal connections in their community and want to help educate people on Medicare. Your regional volunteer coordinator will work to help you find a placement within your community once you have attended training. 

Volunteer Testimonials

"I want to be part of the solution rather than do nothing about the problem."

"I have been so blessed in my life, and SHIP makes it possible for me to give something back."

"I really enjoy working with the local SHIP staff. They do a good job, and they’re fun to be around."

Who do I contact for more information?

If you have questions about becoming a TN SHIP volunteer and want to reach the volunteer coordinator in your area, send an email to tn.ship@tn.gov or call 877-801-0044.