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The Commission is dedicated to working for older Tennesseans and adults with disabilities by providing leadership and guidance for a system that promotes health, dignity, independence, and security through an array of community and in-home services, the protection of rights, and the implementation of best practices.

Plan for the Future

We may not want to think about it sometimes, but we all age, and we will all die. Some of us will be able to retire, some of us won't (or won't want to). Some of us will remain healthy until our final days, others won't. That said, planning ahead gives you the ability to make your own decisions, including decisions about end-of-life choices. Share your wishes with your family. They'll appreciate knowing what you want, and that will make their choices easier. Don't think of it as something you do for yourself. It's your gift to the people you care about.

Senior Centers

Are you a Tennessee senior looking for friends, fun, and opportunities to stay active? Then you want a senior center, and chances are you have one near you. Take a look at some of the things Tennessee seniors are doing at centers across the state. Then use our locator to find one close to home.

State of Aging

Beginning in 2014, TCAD invited speakers from various professional backgrounds to share their knowledge of older adult life for the benefit of Tennesseans. Presentations were given in person at various locations throughout the state under the "Tennessee for a Lifetime" banner, then later posted online for those who could not attend. Beginning in 2017, TCAD's director began a series of quarterly livestream presentations on some of these same topics. The goal of all these presentations is to help inform people from all walks of life on the state of aging and the quality of life of older adults in Tennessee. 


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