Forms and Publications


Tennessee State Plan on Aging (2014-2018) PDF

Assessment Report for "Ridgely Seniors on the Move" Grant (February 2019)

The purpose of the "Ridgely Seniors on the Move" grant is to build upon the strengths of the Ridgely, Tennessee community while improving the ability for seniors to access active transportation as a way to visit the Ridgely Senior Center. This two-year, $84,460 grant through the TN Department of Health is carried out in partnership with the Northwest Area Agency on Aging and Disability, the Ridgely Senior Center, the Tennessee Department of Health, and USDA – Rural Development. Read the full grant assessment report.

Brochures and Downloads is a collection of resources available from the Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC). You can browse by category or search using a variety of keywords. The documents are free to download.  *There are several guides under the searchable title "Managing Someone Else's Money" that may be of value to family members helping older adults make financial decisions. 

TCAD's AAAD Push Card provides contact information for Tennessee's Area Agencies on Aging and Disability, along with a brief summary of services. It is provided here in PDF format for download or printing. 

Community Resource Guide

TCAD's Aging and Disability Community Resource Guide is a helping hand for those who may find themselves in a position to counsel older adults or adults with disabilities on quality of life issues and the changes that accompany aging. The guide covers a selection of 14 topics, providing talking points, important issues for consideration, and contact information. It's a good place to start a conversation.

Consumer Credit

Rather than a link to a form, this is a link to the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Credit Freeze Frequently Asked Questions page. Requesting a credit freeze may provide protection against identity theft, but you need to do your homework first, and the FTC can help you with that. This page can also provide an entry point for learning more about credit monitoring, fraud, and identity theft.

Durable Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney

For these two categories, our advice (following a specific request) is to seek competent legal counsel in your area. The complexities of these two forms are greater than that of something like an advance care directive. You will benefit from the guidance of a lawyer. 

Managing Someone Else's Money: Help for Agents Under a Power of Attorney is a free guide in PDF format from the U.S. Government's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). It serves as an introduction, a way for family and friends to begin to learn how best to watch over a loved one's finances.

Tennessee Department of Revenue Power of Attorney (Tax Preparation)

Food Insecurity Among Older Tennesseans Report

This report was developed by TCAD in three phases, beginning in 2017 and concluding in 2019.  Phase One aimed to gain a deeper understanding of older adults' experiences with food insecurity. Phase Two of the study sought to answer the following questions:

  • What are agencies’ perceptions of food insecurity among older adults?
  • What do agencies perceive as older adults’ barriers to adequate food?
  • What do agencies perceive are the consequences of older adult food insecurity?
  • What is the current availability of relevant programs and services?

The purpose of Phase Three was to develop a better understanding of the food and nutritional needs of a large cross section of Tennessee’s older population, with a focus on older adults who might be at risk of not having sufficient access to food. All three reports are now available for download in PDF format.

Phase One: Older Adult Qualitative Interviews

Phase Two: Service Provider Survey

Phase Three: Older Adult Quantitative Interviews

Health and Advance Directives

Advance Care Directives (also known as Living Wills) *Tennessee Department of Health

AdvanceDirectivesTN *Endorsed by a group of organizations, including TCAD and Tennessee's Departments of Health, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, and Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services, among others.

Housing and Home Repair

The Need for Affordable, Accessible & Service Enriched Housing for Older Adults in Tennessee, a report from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency

USDA Multi-Family Housing Direct Loans

USDA Rural Development Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants

Long-Term Care

None available at this time.

Palliative Care and Quality of Life Task Force Final Report

The Palliative Care and Quality of Life Task Force was created by the Tennessee General Assembly in 2017. Upon the completion of its study, the task force was to make recommendations and submit findings to the governor and general assembly no later than January 15, 2018. Read the full final report.

Public Guardianship for the Elderly Study: Final Report

The Tennessee Public Guardianship Program serves adults ages 60 and over who are unable to make decisions regarding their personal health, safety and resources and are without anyone to make those decisions for them. Public Chapter 427 was signed into law on May 18, 2017 and required the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability to work with several specific state agencies and other stakeholders to review the current system of public guardianship, active since 1986, in Tennessee. Read the full final report.

Senate Joint Resolution 678 (SJR 678)

Senate Joint Resolution 678 (SJR 678) was sponsored by Tennessee State Senator Rusty Crowe and passed through the General Assembly during the 109th Regular Session (2015-2016). The resolution was signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam on May 9, 2016. SJR 678 requires the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability (TCAD) to "work with the Tennessee Bankers Association, the Tennessee Credit Union League, and other appropriate organizations to develop a list of recommended changes to current Tennessee law that would assist financial institutions in protecting consumers from fraudulent and other questionable transactions." 

State Aging Statistics

The Commission has put together a report featuring county-by-county data focused on issues affecting older adults in Tennessee. If you're concerned about the state of our aging population, if you're thinking about the future of Tennessee, this report will help you form a picture of where we are now, as well as where we're headed. Download and print your own copy in PDF format.