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Aging and Disability Community Resource Guide

Aging and Disability Community Resource Guide

Aging is complicated and brings with it unique needs and more than a few questions. No one can be expected to have all the answers.

TCAD's Aging and Disability Community Resource Guide is a helping hand for those who may find themselves in a position to counsel older adults or adults with disabilities on quality of life issues and the changes that accompany aging. The guide covers a selection of 14 topics, providing talking points,  important issues for consideration, and contact information. It's a good place to start a conversation.

The November 2016 printed guide is presented as a 14-insert folder available to counselors and community and religious leaders serving Tennesseans in-state.  The inserts are also available for printing or download, as a group or individually by topic. Explore the menu for areas of interest or need, and revisit topics online periodically for updates and expanded information.

Download or print the Aging and Disability Community Resource Guide in PDF format. *This guide was designed with printed inserts cut to different sizes so that all topics are visible within an open 2-pocket folder. The maximum page size is 8 1/2" x 11",  and there are only 2 inserts of that size. The printable area of the remaining inserts is progressively smaller. If you print the entire guide, expect blank spaces on many of the printed pages.