News and Events

The Commission is dedicated to working for older Tennesseans and adults with disabilities by providing leadership and guidance for a system that promotes health, dignity, independence, and security through an array of community and in-home services, the protection of rights, and the implementation of best practices.

Collected here are current events, news bulletins, and educational announcements.


The agency calendar is a resource for identifying upcoming public meetings and special events. Tennessee SHIP, the Medicare counseling and assistance program housed within TCAD, also offers events throughout the year. SHIP events are featured on separated pages representing the state's grand divisions, East, Middle and West.

Fraud and Scam Alerts

The best defensive strategy is knowledge and awareness of criminal behavior. It is much harder for con artists to succeed if you shut them out. Visit the current year's page regularly for tips on the latest scams, targets, and appropriate responses. Read over our collections of warnings from previous years (beginning with 2013) to get a broader understanding of the problem. And remember, a lot of these scams come and go in cycles. Even learning about a threat from a few years ago can help arm you today.

Items of Interest

Presented here are a variety of news items of current national and global interest to the aging community. Subjects range from the results of medical research and scientific breakthroughs to public policy and general quality of life issues. Please keep in mind that the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability is neither responsible for the content on the linked sites, nor does the inclusion of a linked item imply an endorsement of the content. These links are provided for informational purposes only, and it is up to the individual reader to determine the merit and reliability of each news item.

Senior Brain Games

Learning shouldn't end at any age, not if you want to stay sharp at every age. Senior Brain Games is one fun solution to the challenge of exercising the body and the mind. Seniors and senior centers across the state have joined us to turn trivia into a statewide competition. Check the Brain Games page for important updates throughout the year.

State of Aging

Lessons on aging for all ages. This program debuted in 2014 and continues in 2015. TCAD will invite speakers from various professional backgrounds to share their knowledge freely for the benefit of Tennesseans. Presentations will first be given in person at various locations throughout the state, then posted online for those who cannot attend. Check the Tennessee for a Lifetime page for important updates throughout the year.