Senior Centers

Senior centers are a focal point for local communities, providing information, social opportunities and chances to serve.  Senior centers have very small staff and many ways to provide service for seniors in the community.  Come and have fun, lend a hand and make your community better. 

How do I become a volunteer? 

There are many different ways senior centers can utilize volunteers ranging from helping at the front desk, programming, special events, meal preparation and more.  There is at least one senior center in every county of Tennessee that could use your help in making sure older adults in your community have somewhere to go to be active, socialize and receive assistance with services. 

Each center has its own needs for volunteers so we encourage you to click here to find a senior center in your area.

Who can volunteer?

The requirement to volunteer at a senior center varies by location and activity you would like to volunteer for. We strongly encourage you to contact your local senior center director to get more specifics and see how you can help. 

Who cannot volunteer? 

Depending on the type of program you would like to volunteer for at the senior center you may be subject to a background check or other screening procedures. If you do not, pass these procedures you would not be eligible to volunteer. 

Where can people volunteer? 

You would be able to volunteer at the local senior center in your county. 

Who do can I contact for more information?   

We recommend you contact the Senior Center directly or you can contact Sidney Enss at or 615-741-1585 and she can connect you with the local Director.