2019 State of Aging in Tennessee

As the designated state agency on aging, TCAD is obligated to protect and ensure the quality of life and independence of older Tennesseans and adults with disabilities. Those are steadily growing groups of people—people already deserving of greater attention and people whose needs are already changing lives within our state.

In support of our mission, the agency pursues data-driven advocacy of policies and programs that improve outcomes for our target groups, along with the many caregivers in our state. With The State of Aging in Tennessee: A County-By-County Snapshot, TCAD has compiled critical aging statistics, putting some of the most important current issues in the spotlight with a mind to their projected impact on the state over the next 15 years. 

We all want our state to be a welcoming one for people of all ages and abilities. As our population transitions to one with a higher percentage of older adults, we’re entering new territory. We’ll face challenges we’ve never known. The people who call Tennessee home are expecting us to not only anticipate the changes and challenges, but to plan on their behalf and work to minimize the disruption to their lives. This snapshot is a resource not only for our own staff, but for service providers, advocates, and decision-makers across the state.

2018 State of Aging in Tennessee: A County-By-County Snapshot

Updated for 2019

The guide has been updated and revised for 2019. Download our most current numbers for all counties in PDF format. You can also download or print your own PDF copy of the complete 2017 or 2018 reports.

If your interest is more targeted, use the map below to choose a specific county, or counties, and follow the linked result to the PDF data page matching your choice.