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2017 State of Aging in Tennessee

2017 State of Aging in Tennessee: A County-By-County Snapshot

In support of our mission, the agency pursues data-driven advocacy of policies and programs that improve outcomes for our target groups, along with the many caregivers in our state. With The State of Aging in Tennessee: A County-By-County Snapshot, TCAD has compiled critical aging statistics, putting some of the most important current issues in the spotlight with a mind to their projected impact on the state over the next 15 years. 

The first edition was published in 2017, made available as both a full-color, bound book and a downloadable PDF. The information from 2017 can also still be accessed using the map on this page. Choose a specific county, or counties, and follow the linked result to the PDF data page matching your choice.

Have questions about the stats? Want to speak with someone about the book or possibly have one of our staff members talk about the numbers in person? Contact TCAD's Director of Communications & Legislative Affairs, Ryan J. Ellis, at 615-253-4083 or